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  1. They finally added -wtf mode. YES. Well at least something close and fun. At least it'll be around for a bit.
  2. So after 3 months of inactivity I'm playing this again. Won 7/10 placements and was put into Gold II. Makes me think I could have even gotten Platinum if I won all 10 even though I didn't hit Plat in solo queue last season. If you see me online feel free to invite me to a game. Fair warning though I'm going to be playing almost exclusively Quinn. Since I actually really like her a lot and she's underrated I figure I'll have a good chance of being able to play her every game as long as I get to be ADC in ranked.
  3. At my current skill level with the character, yes, I think so. In general I don't think a super skilled Yasuo will need that kind of backup but there's no reason not to. I don't maintain my Q stacks well enough on my own to guarantee good ults in fights. I am pretty darn good at dashing around forever and building stacks cause it feels similar to Kassadin and laning though!
  4. Yasuo is high skill cap with lots of potential. I really like him.
  5. Tier lists are largely useless when you have things like Lolking that give you win rates in each respective league so you don't have to do any of the guesswork and you know how well champs are doing. Couple examples: Sivir lost like 5-6% win rate with the latest patch...but she's still sitting pretty at a 53% win rate. Rammus lost a bunch of % but he's still a top 15 champ and not a top 5 champ anymore. You don't get that arguing over the minutia of kits and trying to tier champions. It's data you can see and use to your advantage. Flavor of the month is readily apparent and you can see if it's working or not! You can see unpopular champions having high win rates and knowing you'll have easy access to them in draft. A few years ago I might have agreed tier lists had a place back when Reign of Gaming and Stonewall were relevant factors in the scene. Not so much anymore.
  6. What's your league name, Kitty? Also we're in the middle of another 5s session and we just stomped on some guys. Man I'm showing a lot of growth. I had a really easy penta opportunity but instead went for towers to win the game. Quadra was good enough for me. Edit: Then we lost two in a row to the same team who were much better than us. Now to keep playing normals completely on tilt and just go on feeding sprees.
  7. They took the 3 inhibitors really quickly. What let us win was the fact that I was Cait and the influx of constant farm (I ended with 514 cs) and I only died 4 times due to really good positioning and the fact that the enemy team had no real assassins so even with Baron I was alive essentially the entire game. I ended the game with a complete damage build: BT, IE, LW, PD, Shiv, Zephyr. Enemy comp had no assassins and two heavy front line tanks but because of really super solid bot lane play enemy Jinx ended the game with less than 1 KDA ratio. So far with this team our two hardest won victories involved bot lane being the strongest most consistent lane and our team comps being superior throughout the duration of the game instead of really strong early or late. It's this game: http://www.lolking.net/summoner/na/20459721#history/1118541287 Scroll down until you see the one that's open. (You'll also see a super baller AD Ahri game.) Also: The real issue of trying to get out of a league as a top laner is that both top and bot are iffy for specific reasons. Top is an island and is very hard to win from. Bottom you have to rely on the skill of your support (or ADC if you main support). Mid has probably the most influence on the game which is why I solo queue and mid despite ADC being my clear strongest role. Edit: Be wary of playing 5s with just anyone expecting that it'll "fix" ELO hell. Our team has a clear goal and we all see each other as strong plat or even diamond players despite what our solo queue ranks do. We're all on the same page in terms of who is our normal shot caller and what happens if that shot caller goes on tilt. In general our mid is our shot caller and our jungle is our fight target caller. That last game though he was getting shit on really hard by a diamond level Gragas so bot lane ended up calling most of the shots cause despite top mid AND jungle losing and feeding I was 11/1/4 by the midgame and we came back from double inhib down again cause of super solid bot lane play. What I'm trying to say is that people will argue and quibble and get on each other's cases all the time. We knew that would happen and we know that we'd all be capable shot callers and we'll have different opinions. We know that discussions about general things need to happen out of game and that in game it's all about the win and nothing but that. You really REALLY need to be able to trust the people you're playing with to feel like it's not the blame game ELO hell all over again.
  8. So I haven't played very much recently and as much as I like to say I'm really a plat+ player but just haven't put in the time I think I have proof now. Decided to finally make a ranked 5s team with the group I usually play with and so far we're 5 - 0. Placed into Gold I. Definitely going to be making a run and platinum and even beyond. Had one game where we came back from a 3 inhib down situation against a plat/gold team and another where we came back from a 2 inhib down situation against a diamond/plat team. I like to think I played a major part in all these games. Played Caitlyn and Corki only so far. My average KDA is: 11.2 | 1.6 | 8.4. And remember that's including games where the team was getting generally pooped on and we were multiple inhibs down. It's good to know that I'm probably mid plat maybe even inching on Diamond if I really try. Shame you don't get the same luxuries as an adc in solo queue. I play a lot more mid and that's hit or miss.
  9. Until the match hits level 6 then you have issues cause Vayne is dumb.
  10. Best thing to do is 2 lifesteal 1 ad quint with ad reds for the extra ad and sustain in lane.
  11. Lots of champs are kinda dumb. That's why you gotta be willing to random and just make the best of it if you get a bad champ and do something dumb/bad if you get a good champ.
  12. Want to add that there's a difference between going 50/50 and continuing to rise and going 50/50 and dropping. My win rate is slightly higher than 50/50 but my rank has been steadily increasing the entire time. I play with plat and diamond players and I know where I belong. I'm not discouraged cause I tend to win and lose at a near equal rate. My wins have been against those with higher ratings. It's possible to have a losing record and increase rank even. Simply using win rate as a measure of how you progress through a ranking system doesn't work. Back when your League was determined purely by ELO I'd agree with your assessment of low win rate fucking you over. Nowadays that's not the case at all and that's what Riot intended because using ELO by itself is stupid.
  13. S3 rewards revealed: http://beta.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/features/announcing-end-season-3-rewards While I'm really excited to be getting Victorious Elise I really wish that you'd get IP compensation for already owning the champion since you get the champ for free if you don't already have her.
  14. Streaming now: http://www.twitch.tv/eternalz3r0 360 controller ARAM time.
  15. Also another short preview of how the 360 controller handles LoL: http://www.twitch.tv/eternalz3r0/c/2823673 I can't wait for when my group puts this into practice.
  16. See: previous post. Spend more time (if you haven't already) and come to terms with the reality of your skill in the genre or get out of Bronze V by your own merit. Good luck.
  17. Your image has a date on it. It's older than the one I posted. The data on there is more extreme and further reinforces my point. I don't see this supposed "otherwise" you're trying to convey. More time means truer placement relative to your skill potential. Time spent does not equate to an increase in rank if you don't have the skill/luck to back it. Otherwise, everyone would be in higher leagues as you can't drop down whole leagues. I can't speak for how this has shifted from month to month since I haven't looked up data for it but in general it's a good general assumption to think that Gold V and up means top 10% with the V division in each league to hold some percentage of players that probably don't belong there but can't drop back down to what I feel is the weakest part of the league/division system.
  18. I think that the funniest/saddest thing about this is that 97th percentile still isn't good enough for me because I know I belong up higher if my younger brother who plays camera locked (and is good don't get me wrong, but I do outplay him regularly) is Plat 4. He just has all the free time to actually play games cause undergrad is free time central.
  19. This is what I'm saying. Bronze and Silver are both equal in terms of skill in my experience. Gold and Platinum are close, too, but there is a definite striation in people in Gold who belong in Platinum but are stuck in higher Gold cause it's really hard to get out and those who belong in Silver. Also: A buddy of mine broke her mouse and had to set up her 360 controller as a replacement. Then me and my group had the crazy idea to set up the controllers for LoL. Will probably have multiple streams going of the main event once we get there. As for the channel I don't play much LoL anymore so I don't actually stream/record much but maybe if I get free time again I'll put more content. And rewatching the one video I have of a ranked Gold III game there's a proxy Singed who loses for their team. How appropriate. Correction: They ARE the average. They're the majority so that even makes half of them better than average. It's just that the bar is set super low. Also normals make slight use of your ranked MMR (ELO) to determine your opponents to keep normals interesting. The main difference is mindset and not being shitlords cause for whatever reason ranked does that to people.
  20. It makes sense to balance to the masses when this is your reality: http://i.imgur.com/NpCj0iY.png That is to say that the large majority of the player base is bronze and silver aka Bad At The Game™. It makes perfect sense to balance to them. This isn't including non-ranked players who logically fall into bronze/silver because most people with the skill to be in the top 10% in a game like this naturally make their way there. However in the example of tower armor, it made the situation worse for the E-Sports scene that Riot is working very hard to cultivate in that it had the opposite effect and made 2v1 situations even worse for the solo laner. Worse for the player but better for the viewership as this means the 3v1 tower dives are much more frequent and makes for exciting play. Riot lucked out in this regard in that it was intended to extend laning phase but instead turned it into diving phase. They're stuck between a rock and a hard place in balancing this game. I think that making any change was a mistake with Worlds coming up and the status of the elite being what's most important to their upcoming revenue. Sidenotes: Hurricane is decent on Varus but is ultimately just a shitty item. It's a waste of money on Twitch because his ult already gives him massive AoE and it's an inefficient form of redundancy. Marksman is a dumb term. That should be a term to anyone with a skill shot. Ranged AD Carry is much more descriptive which is why it's what everyone including Riot's main event, LCS, uses.
  21. Yeah the story will spoil the other two quite badly. If you can't wait for Persona 4 Golden I recommend playing Persona 3 Portable and watching the P4 anime to get your story fix.
  22. Get on this one, buddy. Definitely my favorite fighting game now. It's so much fun and the fact that it's Persona with a story attached is just gravy.
  23. Cause he's turbo powered by Koh. He's stated that someone in the spirit world had it in for the avatar and Koh has posed as a fire nation soldier before so I wouldn't be surprised.
  24. eternal Zero

    Diablo III

    Yeah pro-est of pro tips for hardcore: Never EVER resume game. Always restart the chapter. Edit: Also don't use the Enchantress' mass chicken spell. There's a chance it will backfire and polymorph you instead of the mobs.
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