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  1. Hot! Extremely satisfying to Zelda fans! And Zelda is my favorite game series.. ever. There is no denying it, you have justified the Zelda spirit tenfold. These Zelda updates have not only made me register, but have made me extremely irritated that the new Zelda game isn't coming out until next year! I have deep longing for my favorite Hyrulian. Eh, my only Hyrulian come to think of it. Hahah, getting sidetracked. Absolutely fabulous! You're my idol, . You get the score infinity/infinity.
  2. It really says something when a single remix can inspire even the laziest person to undergo that annoying process called 'registration'. Despite the fact that I've visited this site for who knows how long, and am indeed a hardcore groupie for McVaffe, this remix just tops it all off for me. I can't sit aside and pass up the chance of commenting on his pure genius any longer. Excellent, excellent listening. I'm not being biased, either, his remixing is simply amazing! I'm not very good at critiquing, but can assuredly reflect my personal opinion for this lovely collaboration of sound. I
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