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  1. Nanaki:

    -Overwhelming sense of pride in my heritage and duty to protect

    -Close to nature

    -Very spiritual

    -Introverted, but always willing to give advice

    -Conservation of endangered species is an influential theme

    -Said to be "an old soul" or wise beyond my years

    -Serious and mature

    There are subtleties that exist that would help to compliment the connections that are there, but I will spare you the details. My preference for characters have always arisen from those which I relate to most and this character is my favorite by far.

  2. I loved the finale.

    I echo your statement.


    I could not imagine Light coming out of the series alive, let alone the "winner". It was so fun to see Light's world crashing down all around him, but at the same time quite sad when it was all over. Here was a kid with great potential to do some good for the world, but he did it in all the wrong ways. I find that to be tragic.

    Ryuk's words really summed things up for me - it was fun while it lasted.

  3. I love it. I was late catching on though, but I eventually gave in to my friends telling me how good it is. Even my brother likes it and he hates anime of any sort. To be honest, I am a bit stubborn when it comes to anime as well, but it did not take long for me to get addicted to it.

  4. I can honestly say FF 12 is the best FF I’ve played (played 7 and up), but it does really point out the biggest weakness of these games, that being the lack of story/character content. You heard right, I say every FF game I’ve played suffered from this, but previous games distracted the player from this fact via two decoys: Characters with bizarre back-stories and convoluted story telling.

    In my opinion, every FF character had a shallow personality and characters in game never got to know each other through interaction, rather, they spelled out their motives and feelings to the player during fancy, and often forced, cut scenes. To fill this personality vacuum, many characters typically had crazy back-stories with a heavy helping of angst to grab the player’s interest and sympathy.

    The stories are always the same and effectively simple, but are bulked up with convoluted story telling and a zillion oddball subplots to overcompensate for the basic plot’s simplicity.

    FF12 really had none of that. Characters were relatively normal and the story was told in a straightforward manner with few diversions. As a result, it felt rather barren. Plenty of things happened in the story, but without all of the fat and additives, it seemed to lack substance.

    I really don’t want the storytelling to go back to the previous styles, however. Rather, it would be nice if

    SquareEnix put a little effort into developing characters with more than 2 dimensional personalities and finding ways for them to express those personalities during the game without resorting to five + minute cut scenes. In game dialog, which other games have used to great effect, would be one possibility.

    Edit: Gah, what happened to my text's spacing and size? Can't fix it either. :P

    A red lion/wolf that lives with hippies, loves the planet, has a tail that is on fire, has feathers as weapons, has a wicked cool scar, super awesome tattoos, and spent a good part of the game with an oedipus complex is damn good enough for me.

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