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  1. About time, I say. I cannot wait!

    I hope Cosmo Canyon is covered well.

    It's gonna be hard to compete with the sex that is this and this.

    These projects always want me to replay the game they're for, except with the new music inserted. Sigh...memories of Knights of the Round + Mime hackness...

    Anyways I have high hopes for this project. Thanks for taking your free time guys to do stuff like this!

    No kidding...those two are godly remixes. Though, I could have sworn that nothing could be better than RedXIIIRedux, but along came Ascension to Cosmo Canyon to give it a run for its money.

    No matter what, I think we will be seeing some epic songs.

  2. Who? I don't recall any boss named Penance in FFX...unless you're talking about a game other than Final Fantasy X.

    Pennance is found in the international version.

    Has anyone here played Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga? I heard Hitoshira is one tough cookie...one of the hardest bosses in any RPG.

  3. Anyone remember Dark Link from Zelda: Ocarina of Time? DAMN, I hate that bastard. Everyone was like "Just use the hammer!" and you know what? I used the hammer. And it didn't work. He either used his shield to block it, or stabbed me before I had a chance to connect. Then everyone told me "Damnit, man! Just use magic!" and you know what? I used magic. I spun around with my flaming magical sword so many times that it made me dizzy. Then I ran out of magic power, realized I had no green potions left, and died. Then they're all "No, you ass! The OTHER magic!" so I used Din's Fire. The bastard STILL kicked the shit outta me, because I kept running out of fooking magic!! I swear to God, that little Dark Bastard still pisses me off. Because, for some unknown reason, he suddenly became massively easy. I finally connected with the freaking hammer, and then it was child's play. He never came back from that first blow, I just kept whacking him before he recovered. Go figure.

    Dark Link was incredibly easy. I don't know why you found him hard...

    No kidding, I just pwn3d his ass with that fire bubble magic.

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