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  1. I played Final Fantasy VII during a very significant period of my life and I feel that it strongly influenced my career path. I pretty much stopped what I was doing and decided to try and help save the tiger, which is in danger of imminent extinction due to habitat loss, prey depletion and poaching for traditional Chinese medicine. Nanaki (my favourite character of any game) and his situation probably had it's effect as well. The game, putting aside the characters and their individual stories, had a strong focus on the importance of life and the planet which sustains it. I figured if I cared, I should strive to save the planet in my own way. I'd rather be the hero than the person that stands back and does nothing. Granted, there are many factors that influenced me, but FFVII definitely comes to mind.
  2. You must have quite the imagination...
  3. I could be the only one, but I was blown away with how awesome the scene with Locke and Jack was in the "Bentham" episode. It made me realize just how awesome Matthew Fox is. Not since "The Constant" have I been so happy with an episode.
  4. Damn... I live in Mississauga so I would definitely go, but I'm currently living in Thailand. Crap. At least I can bump the thread. Someone go for me, please.
  5. This. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsCriuU_Uqk The story? An accident happened, and I ended up watching a friend of mine die. It's hard when something like that happens because you begin to wonder if you could have saved them. I drove home in silence. I was living alone at the time so there was no one to talk to, though I don't think I would have wanted to anyway. I went online to distract myself and saw that a website had been made for the upcoming Advent Children movie. I went to it and heard that song, set on repeat. I remember laying face-up on my bed,staring at the ceiling, listening to it over and over. It comforted me. When I hear it, it takes me back, but it is always more comforting than sad. I later got a translation of the lyrics, which I found to be profound given the associations I draw with the song. ... Honorable mention to Reuben Kee's "Ascension to Cosmo Canyon".
  6. I love this game. It is just difficult enough to provide a fun challenge without feeling like it is going overboard. I wish I had recorded myself playing though...I swore a lot!
  7. 'Tis my second favourite game ever. I probably wouldn't have gotten a Wii had I not found out it was being ported and I have no regrets that I had to buy it a second time. Okami = epic adventure = epic win
  8. I generally focus on animals and wildlife, with a specific interest in tigers. My goal is to use them as a means to educate people about endangered species. You can view my page at http://hewhowalkswithtigers.deviantart.com
  9. Yeah...pretty disappointing. I'd say Distant Worlds is pretty good (plus it introduced me to Memora de la Stona/Distant Worlds from FFXI, which is epic) and Opening~Bombing Mission is okay. The rest are thoroughly "meh". Darkness and Starlight is painful...like "getting sodomized by a cactus" painful. Sorry Nobuo, less synthesizer/electronic stuff/terrible vocals and more guitar epicness.
  10. A gamer with an opinion? Well, that's something we haven't seen before! In all seriousness, I like the points he makes, which are pretty solid. I'm not sure I get the whole "big words" thing. To be honest, I never found his use of language to be particularly challenging so it becomes across as a bit insulting; does he think gamers are an uneducated bunch? That's nit-picking, of course and I shouldn't take it too seriously. Reminds me of how much I like Katamari Damacy...and kudos for him for his use of Hieronymus Bosch. Edit: I quite enjoyed this as well... http://ca.youtube.com/watch?feature=related&v=9iNs5iG2h34
  11. This. I've been trying to find songs like this, but I haven't been able to find anything that really matches it in terms of pure awesome.
  12. Look on the "Voices of the Lifestream" FFVII project that OCRemixers put together and find "Sleep, My Sephy" and "Daydreaming Again" by Pot Hocket. ...Nice romantic stuff.
  13. "Premonition" gives me some hope. Nobuo can't seem to stop playing with his hair.
  14. The only time I picked up the guitar on GHIII I tried this song for shits and giggles...yeah, I don't think I hit one note. After 5 seconds I was booed off... I had a good laugh. =P
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