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  1. Especially in S3nK where the large rings can count for 50 a piece.
  2. Weird. I'd always heard that Li-ion batteries lose their charge if you don't charge them often. I'm sure they aren't like Ni-cads, or maybe that was li-poly batteries. Anyways. I usually keep my DS charged and use it every day but usually not till the red light. When I go home for a weekend (Living in dorms) I can use it till the red light comes on (because FFIII is fun), and I'm sure I'm still getting 15 or so hours out of it. I've had this Lite since they came out. *Edit* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lithium_ion_battery#Guidelines_for_prolonging_Li-ion_battery_life Not the best source, bu
  3. Can't use the five sheets of paper to make five cones and just hope that you only get tested on five drops? I just can't see anything made of paper being reused that way. Even if you make shredded paper padding, after each drop it'll pad less and less. I think the paper/tape would break before the egg anyways. I mean, have you made an omlette? Those little guys are tough!
  4. Probably the best thing to do at this point is to build some of these different ideas and see what happens. Plus I agree that the parachute idea is a bad one from both the diff. eqn. and from my experience in 5th grade at "Astro Camp" . Edit: Gotta be careful about stuffing stuff in the nose. If the nose is either too stiff or not stiff enough it won't dissipate enough energy. Stuffing the nose would have a similar effect to making it stiffer, which could put you past the sweet spot. Similarly it could put you into the sweet spot. At this point you've just got to try stuff.
  5. Figured I'd at least post a picture of what I was talking about. The placement of the egg towards the front of the cone pretty well ensures it will fall tip first. On impact the energy is dissipated by the crupling of the nose, which basically acts like a spring. Or at least that's my take on it, I'm not a mechanical engineer though...
  6. Make a cone and put the egg inside. Although I think that'll only work once. Think crumple zones like a car hood.
  7. Been waiting forever for this... And it was totally worth it! The styles were all over, but each one was well done. I don't think there was a track I didn't like! P.S. Dead Batteries is like a dream come true.
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