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  1. I'm not using FL, to much of a hassle for me. Leave me to doing MOD/IT work in MPT, atleast I can abuse all its mighty powers without to many fiddling around. EDIT After being told to use a Sine Bass sound, I actually went searching for it in Google and it came up in the first link with many D&B soundfonts. Thanks for the help atleast.
  2. I'm searching for a pitch curving bass drum sound. Allot of Drum and Bass music seems to use it, some RNB aswell. It has a "Bmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" like sound but the pitch changes (something like C2 to C1 in 4/4.) Anyone know where/how I can obtain this sample or how its possibly done? I'm not using FL so thats out of the question.
  3. The best thing to do if your recording with a mic is after you've recorded a track, go and "filter" the hiss in the background. Makes it sound much more clear.
  4. Hardest part I can remeber for a boss would be right at the end with Sonic and Knuckles running after Robotnik and trying to outrun the falling platforms because I hate it when you bounce off him and when you get the last hit in you find that you die in the pit of no retrun. I HATE THAT >_< I kept getting so tensed that anyone who bumped me made me jump and all which scares the S*** out of me... I literly jump out of my seat sometimes while playing DooM also...
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