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  1. Dude this is awesome and easily on of my fav's from un squad/ area 88 , finish it!
  2. I submitted but I completely forgot to attach the remix to the submission email!!. I followed it with the attachment.... I hope this doesn't mess things up.
  3. Thanks I'm glad you are all digging the remix. I wrote the first arrangement for the band then my Teacher helped make it more dynamic and different from the original. From the outset I felt this style of Latin jazz fit the style perfectly. We also performed this live in concert which was a great experience.
  4. Stream: Download: Recorded at Studio west with my Afro Cuban Jazz Band
  5. The Last Boss in Shinobi for the PS2 and the last boss in Ikaruga for GC
  6. the final boss is even worse because the only weapon that works on him is the little thing you use to turn projectiles into energy. the bosses get exponentially harder, and there are 26 damn bosses
  7. if you thought 7 force from gunstar hero's was hard, try 7 force from alien soldier, you will go insane. Alien soldier is made by Treasure, to bad they didnt release it in the states, if you are a fan of Gunstar Heros, Alien Soldier is a MUST PLAY, I suggest you look around for it.
  8. Nothing scares the shit out of me more than shit itself, Then an unpleasant chain reaction occurs
  9. hehe ive beat the game with all characters, with vipper 2 you have to do his special move
  10. the key to beating this guy is patience, takes 30+ min, but its not the hardest boss i ever fought against. wouldnt recommend the holywar route, try to keep all chars alive and as fully healed as possible
  11. dont need a near perfect strategy, just the right equipment
  12. IMHO i beleive that no rpg boss is hard, and with the propper leveling can be beaten.