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  1. On 7/15/2019 at 10:53 PM, Black_Doom said:


    Found it! :) Had to do some tagging, since a couple of tracks lacked them completely for some reason, so there may be some mistakes, but I don't think it matters that much, honestly.

    Thanks so much Black_Doom and other people! I'm very surprised and glad to see that somebody is interested in the 10 years old megaman stuff and embarrassed that there is no permanent hosting for the files.

    I duplicated the archive from Black_Doom in drop box just in case: https://www.dropbox.com/s/w3475ojzou8xt8v/Mega Man Remix Album by ilp0.rar?dl=1

  2. Well I Like the song. How do you develop your arrangements? They're always so damn Creative and usually very progressive, yet cohesive wholes.

    Have you ever thought about composing for games?

    Thanks! I make music kind of "top down" way, starting with the structure and bigger picture and then filling in the details with big element of jamming and improvisation.

    Typical process is that I start with a simple synth track that plays the whole song through (usually discarded from the final mix). Then throw in drums, bass and the most important tracks. The rest is just jamming to fill the gaps and add some intresting textures to the sound.

    I wouldn't want to turn music into work but I would be fun maybe to write a score into some amateur game project.

  3. (watch in HD please :) )

    Hi! This is a simple music video that I made for my multimedia portfolio as

    I apply for a some kind of job at the game industry soon (programmer most likely).

    I thought I might as well share it here as the song is very much like my VG remixes in style and sounds. It's originally a piano piece that I composed a long time ago but this is a kind of remix of it. Guitars, chiptune stuff, the usual...

    It's called "Harju", that is a district of Helsinki. Video is made of some of my photographs from Helsinki (heavily edited though).

    -ilp0 / Ilari Nieminen

  4. Test your pop music knowledge by recognizing as many songs as you can from the medley:

    then post your result. There are couple of tough ones there too so I'd think that over 25/30 points is a great score.

    Give it a shot

  5. I apologize for delaying the project and making some people angry. The thing is that I love OCR and have high respect for all the people that make this musical community happen: fellow remixers and especially the site maintenance crew and project managers.

    BUT: for me (and many other remixers) this is still just a hobby, something fun to do when I have inspiration and spare time. I don't stress about it and I miss ocr project deadlines all the time because I lack either time or inspiration to finish my work. That's just the way it is. Sorry folks

    Anyway, this project is about to be finished and published and that's great :) let's be glad about that. I feel like each completed and released ocr album is a small miracle given that no one gets profit for doing it. Thumbs up!

  6. Thanks Abadoss-man and other people too :)

    I'm probably going to submit tracks 3 (cutman), 6 (fireman), 7 (elecman) and 10 (ending). Those are IMO the best tracks on the album. After taking a little break from project and listening with fresh ears I've come to notice that the first two tracks sound a bit weird and won't probably get submitted. Track 5 is too long, I might submit a shorter version maybe and tracks 8 and 9 are basicly one remix and I wouldn't like to separate 'em.

  7. I Wish I could offer something useful but I can't (though I have a good bunch of VGM2 remixes on my HD)...

    The best of luck to your attempt! I really miss the athmosphere and all the RPG stuff back in VGM2...

  8. http://sites.google.com/site/megamanremixalbum/

    So here's my latest video game remixing work: 10 track / 38 minutes remix album covering the whole soundtrack of the original Mega Man (NES -87). Style is somewhat progressive rock with some heavier stuff and few ballads.

    All the tracks were arranged and implemented simultaneously as I wanted to do a solid album that flows smoothly from one track to another.. like one very long medley covering the whole OST.. or a theme album

    I will be submitting some of these tracks here in OCR but some of the tracks won't quite fit in here and some require editing and cropping before they can be submitted so the album "as it is" will never be on OCR...

    All yours! Please comment if you like or dislike...

  9. I got my copy just now and digging it LOUD here in the middle of an arctic breeze and polar bears!!! This is just brilliant stuff, the art work and all :D superb job OA and other people. My favourite tracks after quite a few listens would be

    -Theme of love for guitar duet

    -Read the sine (just sweet)

    -Somewhere to hide

    -Finale part two, took a while to get used to but has grown to be a very neat peace of music.

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