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  1. I can only confirm what you said. BG&E is a pearl of quality between dozens of games (but they sold better.. it's a shame). It's truly the atmosphere what makes this game unique, also there are many details and a good story, well I can only repeat what's already said. If you liked Zelda play this game, it's worth! Yhoko Btw: Ubisoft is yet unsure whether to make a sequel of BG&E or not. In germany we're collecting subscriptions to change their mind into the right direction. Personally I guess it was the bad marketing why it sold so bad but maybe people just don't want good games anymore (but brainless shooters like UT instead).
  2. Its just... just.. PERFECT! Truly love this song, excellent work indeed! Thank you for this masterpiece of pirate songs.
  3. Excellent remix of an excellent game! Although I prefer the quiet part of the song it's still well done overall. Have to play Beyond again now (one of the best PC games IMHO - sad it didn't sell that good) For those who want the BGaE game soundtrack: - http://nintendoinsider.com/site/EpZlppyZVEShihRvCx.php - http://nintendoinsider.com/site/EpZVyAAAZEhBjcpQpA.php - http://nintendoinsider.com/site/EpZypFAVlVWQAxqHsA.php
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