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  1. This is kinda stupid. Why should I bother buying RFT when I can just buy the NFT multiple times? Yhoko
  2. Masterpieces like this one are the reason why I love OCR. Awesome work! Yhoko
  3. Oh yeah! I mean: Oh yeah! This is it, really! Excellent work, thank you very very much for this outstanding piece of music and good old memories. Wow! Yhoko
  4. "You know that oil and water don't mix" - But this tune surely does! Excellent work, really. Gotta love it. Yhoko
  5. Definitely one of my favourites, can't get enough of this song! I especially loved how the game's sound effects support the melody. Keep up the great work! Yhoko
  6. Excellent track! Although I'd appreciate a little less drum & beat, but more flute, violin and guitar instead. Any chance of getting a non-beat version of this song? Yhoko
  7. Excellent work, gotta love it!
  8. Very nice song! Something new to the Mega Man scene, maybe someone should make a Mega Man RPG? ^^; Oh, well, still good remix, keep it up! Like the calm creek feeling very much.
  9. Just letting you know that the remix is still on top on my playlist! Simply ex-cel-lent! Wow! ^^' Yhoko
  10. Masterpiece. I _have_ to say it again, this remix is just awesome! Truly, the only negative point is that it's "only" 3:09 long - thus I need to listen to it twice or more each time Gotta love you for that one, Rayza ^^;
  11. A nice remix, I like the funky groove There's probably a little too much 16-bit "noise" but since that's not often it's ok. However, well done. Hell, I'm always looking forward on Starfox remixes.
  12. Very sweet song! The beginning is very surprising, the rest is well-combined. I especially like the sax parts, well done!
  13. Totally agree, excellent job! Perfect for relaxing at midnight or any other time (but preferrably at night) :_)
  14. Hm.. I have to say I loved the beginning (until 0:20) it sounded very hm.. mighty? I hoped it would continue like this, but well, guess it just didn't hit my style. But the beginning was awesome ^^'
  15. Excellent. Ex-cel-lent! I love this song. I'd in fact say it's the best Sonic remix I heard yet. I like everything from the beat to the sound effects and the thrown-in voices. I prefer this remix when concentrating hard on programming issues or just to relax.. Rating: 9 out of 10 (it's just too short ^^) btw: My favorite parts are: 0:50, 1:07, 2:02, 2:33-2:50
  16. Very nice remix, like the piano and sax and my favorite point is at 3:09 (maybe I just like that "pipe" sound too much ^^). The retro-melody comes also nice in time, that means party mood all over the mario world ^^!
  17. This is a sweet taste of sound and even if I don't like that melody too much I like the whole remix. And I have to agree with Shhteve, the part around 1:43 is very nice - just as the other parts where you're shifting the speed and changing the song's appearance.
  18. Very nice! I especially like the combination of groove, piano and guitar. This will surely get on my favorites-list.
  19. Excellent! When playing the moon level on NES (was 14 or so) I hated that level but in the meantime I love the music Great remix! Salzman! Enjoy! Yhoko, who's still waiting for a Ducktales title song remix :-/
  20. I'd give it 9 out of 10 though.. too short it is
  21. Excellent! I just love the rhythym, it feels exactly mathcing your exceptions when listening to the remix. Also there's a very nice changing of beats and parts combining many aspects of Goemon music together. Just gotta love it, thanks a lot for this great remix!
  22. Wow, I mean, wow. I just listened to the original but I really, really miss the short piano parts and the background voice! Congrats for this excellent song!
  23. I just love this song! Especially the second part, where in-game sounds are perfectly embed within the music. Sounds just great and remembers the good ol' MM2 times. Oh and not to forget the violine ending where I could just melt away *sigh*...
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