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    Hi there, thanks for listening to my music! I hope you enjoy what you hear. I have been composing music for many years. While playing flute and performing in many venues around the world, I got to know the way an orchestra works from the inside. I have written music that can be found in all sorts of places around the internet, and even some of it has made it to the silver screen. Much of that music is listed under my maiden name, LindsayAnne Klemm.

    I am very happily married with two amazing kids, whom I have the pleasure of staying home with while they are young.

    I am an old-school gamer, growing up on the NES classics. No surprise that my absolute favorite series is the Legend of Zelda. I love arranging the amazing themes from these games! I also loved the original Kid Icarus back in the day, and have written a suite based on themes from it as well. It has been very nostalgic introducing our kids to the world of Nintendo, both the classics and new games.

    Please let me know what you like, don't like, or would like to hear more of. Thanks for listening!
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    composer/vocalist/flutist and SAHM :)

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    vocals- female
  1. Thank you so much for such detailed and specific suggestions!! You've all given me a lot to work with here. I am so glad I posted it for some suggestions! If you don't mind listening again, I'll post the changes once I've made them (along with what I did) and hopefully you can tell me if it works or not. Thank you!!!
  2. Hello to anyone who reads this I'm looking for some help to get my remix up to par for acceptance here. I composed an arrangement of my favorite Legend of Zelda theme, the Ballad of the Wind Fish. I submitted it to the panel and it was judged, but not accepted. I was asked to resubmit it, but it needs some help with mastering. The volume levels are low, and I cannot seem to raise them without getting distortion during the louder moments in the track. Also, some help with deciding what types of reverb to use would be helpful in adding realism to the piece. I am currently using Logic 9 to do all my work, so any help specific to that program would be super helpful. Here's a link to the track: I have made some changes since it was judged, but I know it still needs some help getting up to par. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much! ~LAPepper
  3. Thanks so much for listening! It makes me especially happy to hear that you think it sounds like part of a Zelda movie soundtrack, 'cause that's just what I had in mind when I wrote it. I know the volume is a little low and the instruments are a little too "synth" yet, but I might go ahead and remix my remix in some newer and better sounds. Again though, thanks so much for getting me posted on OCR, and thank you for your kind words.