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  1. this is a fabulous mix, I love it to bits! it makes me remember the first time I played OOT, and it just makes me nostalgic ^^ this is one of my absolute favorites on this site, along with river of time and some others.
  2. this mix really has a great epic feel to it, the tune is wonderfully smooth, and as garde said the instruments just melt into place. The chords in the background are beautiful, and the main theme that is played by whatever it is...well, it really rules man! This may sound weird (well I know there are a lot of weird things on this site anyway), but it's the kind of thing that makes me want to, like warp myself right into the world of Morrowind when I hear it. It's that ambient. This is one hell of a piece, that's what I meant to say ^^
  3. when I listenned to this I could almost picture matrix-style guys beating the hell out of some sort of ninjas lol. Never heard the original tune so I can't really compare, but this is good stuff. Well...let's say it's best to listen to if you're doing something else lol...
  4. I've been playing BGE since it came out in the US (even tho I live in switzerland, I hade to buy a freeloader just for that game), and so far it's my absolute favorite solo game. I like to just let myself float on the water in my hovercraft, or sit down just to listen to the music of it...this...this is Zelda-level, man! Beautiful tunes that this mix takes up and adds some beat and vocals to. Truly great. 6:32 of pleasure
  5. wow, this is a wonderful mix! the beat is really good and the mix sticks to the original tune (which was already good) pretty well. A five star piece.
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