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  1. I think the project is really great, thanks to all that worked on it. Though I was a bit disappointed in the lack of speedy tracks. It is a Sonic game after all, and none of the tracks really captured that sense of speed. Scrambled Eggman = NICE And now I really want to go back and play Sonic 3k...
  2. This is a really nice song, gots a fast beat and a decent melody. It captures the essence of a gauntlet frenzy type game. Oh and for those wondering, the name translates to "Big Leather Pants"
  3. Its a really good remix, the voice samples do get very strange, but are used well in certain places. The melody is awesome tho.
  4. Yeah, its a straight remix, but its pulled off extremely well, and is worth listening to.
  5. I too found this hilarious. Its a very nice remix and it truely captures the essence of 80's music. (Although the good of this is debatable) Great song, its worth checking out.
  6. I thought the beginning was a bit cheesy. But the rest of the song is frickin awesome! The sound effects are used nicely and the end result is very nice.
  7. I never played many Genesis games, but I like this song, It came out really nice.
  8. I agree that this didn't take much to create, but I think that it came out nice whether or not its repetitive. It could use more, but I liked it.
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