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  1. I like this song a lot. I haven't posted a review about it even though it's been here for the better part of a year. Actually, I'm going to admit that this is in my top 5 lists of not only ReMixes, but songs altogether. It might be #1, I still haven't decided yet. It's a fine line. But I really enjoy this. I've been with OCRemix since just about it's beginning (back when they had the orange background), so that's a pretty bold statement from me, not something you'll hear often. That instrument in the background (I can't identify it) is really cool, it sounds like something in the Robotr
  2. I agree with Mustin in the sense that the drum loop is too loud. It's really in-my-face, and I don' t like it. I like the arrangement though, it's nicely done, I just can't stand that cliche techno drum loop that's banging all over my nuts. Nice job though!
  3. This is really good. I mean really really good. I don't really like most of the techno ReMixes I hear but this is incredible. Sorry I have nothing more intelligent to say - I'm just speechless.
  4. I don't know if anyone's said this yet because I haven't read the entire 11 pages of this thing the answer is simple. For anyone who was dumb enough to try their shot at it the Guardian in FF3 (6) could not be beaten. It was, indeed, impossible.
  5. Sorry I'm late with response but I just now got to this subject. Ashura seriously was impossible until Rosa got to the level where she had the "wall" spell. You just had to cast "wall" on Ashura so that her heal 4 would hit your party instead of healing her completely. Simple as pie.
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