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  1. Wow! I usually don't like any music which use banjo but I guess that it can be good sometimes. One of the best Zelda remixes I have ever heard. It sounds new. Can't describe it otherwise. I'm not a sound expert. *includes it to favorite remixes folder*
  2. I can't believe how much good music I have found at ocremix.org and in my opinion this is one of those remixes which can be considered as Good Music. I loved this music when I was playing Castlevania 2 in NES so naturally it was a positive shock to find this remix. Great job! One of my favorites, of course.
  3. Fantastic remix! I haven't heard this kind of music before so it's like fresh style to me. Fresh = good, so me likes A LOT! Again one remix file more to add to my favorites.
  4. My ears get stimulated by this remix almost daily and there is no words to describe how much I like this. Actually I can't find anything negative about it. *moves remix file to favorites folder*
  5. Cool remix! I don't like that added instrument/sound or whatever at 1:40 to 2:22 which in my opinion ruins the remix at that part but overall impression is very positive. It sounds new. This remix deserves place in my favorites.
  6. If you ask me, this is the best Zeal remix from all Zeal remixes at ocremix.org That instrument which plays those main notes from 0:43 to end, has some static which spoils the remix a little bit or it's my Grado SR-80 headphones. I like this so much that I put it to my favorites.
  7. Nice 'trance' remix. At least I'm in 'trance' while listening this. It belongs to my favorites, no doubt.
  8. This is very good remix. It's so relaxing and I can easily fall to 'trance' while listening it and forget everything else. Definately one of my favorites.
  9. Mostly I liked from 0:16 to 0:32 part and 2:00 to 2:16 part. It's still good. Not maybe my favorites but I listen it sometimes.
  10. In my opinion, this remix is the best version from Mega Man 3 intro remixes at ocremix.org so far. However, I didn't like so much from that "main instrument change" at 1:53. It didn't sound that cool anymore because it wasn't so "smooth and continuous". But still this is one of my favorite remixes at ocremix.
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