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  1. I've seen a couple of gameplay videos, y'know, just in passing, and it kind of looked like a platformer for the PS1 era with the contrast knob turned down... But I've also heard a lot of positive things about, so I've been confused a little. What's its hook? Also, wiki says Claypool did some music for it? That gets points in my book at the very least. Is it anything worth writing home about? Anyway, I'm trying to feel out what I should pick up post-holiday that I may have missed in the 360 barrage over the last couple of months, especially for Wii, like AC:CF and maybe this.
  2. Man, I wish it was true, though... I haven't played GX in forever and I loved that game. But then again, I don't really miss throwing controllers either.
  3. Seems pretty iffy. No one big is reporting on it yet, so I'm inclined to call it an unsubstantiated rumor until anything happens. At they very least, though, it was definitely not reported on at E3. AX/GX logo with a Z photoshopped over it? Weapons in F-Zero? Lethal Marathon in Brawl, like they were dropping hints on this? (Melee: 2001, ie. before GX even came out.) Credibility? Zero.
  4. Oh, haha, I know. It was just something that's been sitting on my mind lately. My roommate visits both the GameFAQs and GameTrailers forums fairly often, so I'm exposed to another side of idiocy that I don't normally see... Kind of sparked that train of thought the other day. Anyway, I like Dragon Quest as much as I can like a JRPG, and regardless of my opinion of Square-Enix, they've always been pretty good judges of the console climate (or they've been lucky).
  5. The Damned, basically, you're right. It's not the case at all. It's never been the end-all-be-all for consoles that people tout it as. Perhaps ten, maybe even fifteen-twenty years ago, it was the high water mark for RPGs (and even then, only definitely in Japan). It's still sold well since then nostalgia and a fairly solid design (much like Final Fantasy to most Western RPG players), and even to the point of a cultural phenomena. But with Japan cornering a shrinking corner of the global video game market (both in number of games and variety thereof), it's even lost a bit of that thunder. Japan has shrugged off the 360 nearly unanimously, but MS is doing quite well with it solely from American/European/etc sales. The "death" of Japan's video game dominance has been in the media for years, and maybe there's something to it. Yeah, that wiki article only highlights some of the shortcomings of the Japanese market, namely that long development times are a death in such a competitive market. There's a reason why The Sims has sold more copies in nine years than Final Fantasy has in twenty-one. I can't fathom the frequency of Sims releases (though it's a bit unfair as a direct comparison) while I'm not sure FFXIII will come out before the Apocalypse. I'm sure you get the gist though. Perhaps a better example would be that yearly Madden games over the last twenty and frequent GTA games over eleven years have both sold almost as many copies as the FFs while the market for Madden for example is limited almost exclusively to N. America. ANYWAY! To the point. Seeing as Japan has already thrown the 360 out and it's pretty obvious that the Wii and PS3 aren't directly competing at this point (in the majority of the world market - most of America definitely sees the Wii as a "family fun machine" at this point), they really aren't going to decide much. A single game is not going to decide the "console war" and if one was, it sure as hell is not going to be DQ.
  6. Yeah, if it wasn't for the fact that I bought GH3 for Wii (at my family's behest), I wouldn't have been touched that little white console in ages... Which is sad, really. But I'd hate to go back to such a single-player-minded console. I mean, I love SP as much (probably more) than the next guy, and forgive a game for crappy -- or no -- MP fairly easily, but Nintendo has really turned away tons of players (and their cash) with this stuff. I've admired Nintendo for ages, but they've always been strange about certain things. So it's 360 for me as for as long as I can tell. Anyway, nice to see you're not(/have stopped being) the reactionary jerk I remember you as from years ago, Neko.
  7. I think he's having fun since there really couldn't have been a point to that except to stir something up - but I think everyone agrees with that one. Also, because it's Neko.
  8. I remember you being better at trolling. Huh.
  9. http://ocr.anticlan.net/index.php Voilà!
  10. I haven't exactly been as active as I used to be around here, but... Is this "quality" of thread common theseadays? Serious question. I thought he was a troll from the first post... (I would imagine that even a year ago, the mods would have dropped by over some of these responses - not that I don't think they're ill-befitting of the thread author.) EDIT: Understand, if you can, that I wrote this before DjSammyG posted...
  11. Yeah, I didn't really like that. But what bothers me more the blatant disparity between that and Sylar's power. He figures out how things work, but how does poking at someone's brain get him these specific genetic markers? Maybe I missed something from a previous episode explaining that. Do you mean Echo? DeMille, I think was his last name. Interesting idea and definitely... interesting acting. But yeah, it just sounded stupidly obvious they were trying to be dramatic with that line. Although Echo did destroy an agent's brains by yelling into his ear, which was pretty badass.
  12. The little group I watch Heroes with definitely picked up on The Fly motif... at the first commercial (no talking during the show, obviously) after Mohinder flips out, someone just turns to me and says, "Can you say Indian Jeff Goldblum?" :3 Plus, we were debating this - if they wanted to incapacitate Sylar now, couldn't they just separate his head from his body? And whenever they wanted to talk to him, bring them back together - like what happened with Claire and her scalp?
  13. You can glitch the creature creator into doing asymmetry, you know. http://www.youtube.com/profile_videos?user=KitWarrior&search_query=asymmetric
  14. If no one had told me about it, I wouldn't have known it existed. Does that answer the question? :3
  15. People are talking about "runs" to the center... Does that mean that the Grox resistance increases as you approach the center of the galaxy? I'm almost at the stage where I want to/am able to make the trip, but I don't want any nasty surprises.
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