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  1. Listening to the track in the archive, it sounds like Tower of Bad Dreams might have been an earlier version of Tower of Nightmares. So unless someone else can find evidence linking it to OCR, I'm going to assume that was the case and replace it with the one from VG Mix.

    Thanks Rexy!


  2. Got a bit of an odd request here. I've been going through my OCR collection and updating tags (mostly adding in "track" numbers since several of them were missing it), and I came across an unusual remix that I can't locate. Now, in most cases when I have a remix downloaded but it isn't on the site, it's because it's been removed - the change log has been very helpful with identifying these. In this case, however, it doesn't appear in the log as a removed track.

    The remix in question is a Chrono Cross remix called "Tower of Bad Dreams," with Blue Magic as the tagged artist. The other tags indicate that it's from 2004 and the album is parsed as http://www.ocremix.org (newer tags omit the www. from the URL). My first thought was that maybe I'd downloaded it elsewhere and it had gotten mis-tagged somehow. So I googled it, and came up with exactly one hit: a remix listed on the soundtrack page of Chrono Compendium. And when I downloaded that, it had the same tags as I did, including the OCR album listing.

    Does anyone have, or know where I can find, any more information on this track? If it was originally on OCR and somehow skipped in the change log, I'd like to at least add in its original number. And if it wasn't, I need to sort it into a different folder and properly tag it.

  3. You shoudl check out the Remixing With the Stars competition;  it's more or less what you're describing, and it looks like the plan was to start it back up once the SFRG finished:


    So it looks like this is the wrap-up of the wrap-up. So as this was my first Remix Gauntlet and I just want to reiterate how much fun it was working within a time frame! My only grip is also my favorite aspect of the RG. On the one hand It seems there is a natural pairing of skill level and ability and the heavy hitters pair up together and tend to dominate, while the newer or less versatile remixers, who are still finding their voice, tend to pair up and have a more difficult time standing on two feet, especially when everyone is on their best game. On the other hand I, love toeing it with the Titans of OCR, stand and deliver, firing line....eighth level Mario Bros. !!!! I realize that these compose were around long before me, but If there is a suggestion box somewhere I'd ask if there was a way to have independent floating champions that kind of rotate from one team to another offering helping to those who need it or just adding that little extra zest to those who are more confident, allowing the more nascent remixers to glean some wisdom from the pros. Or maybe randomized teams? IDK, I still had ​a lot fun and am surprised at what I was able to concoct in realtime. As for an Album project, if there were any of my tracks that piqued any ears, let me know and I'll have another look at them and tinker and toy. 


    PS Are there any plans for another Remix Gauntlet, if so I can certainly give a preemptive "Yes" to any sign-ups

  4. And the Zero one needs a higher contrast between the red and the orange.
    I was kind of thinking that too; the problem is finding that sweet spot where the orange is high-contrast without just being yellow. I'll play around with it a bit more and see if I can nail it once all the details are set.

    I also had the same thought about the city backgrounds not necessarily fitting, but just for the sake of argument here's an example (which actually kind of works, I think):



  5. First of all the "main character" is Vaan who literally has no impact on the story after the first few chapters (Same with Penelo really, and Balthier and Fran are only connected to the story superficially).
    A bit late, but there's a reason for that: Basche was originally going to be the main character, until someone (probably higher-up than the designers themselves) decided that the young, pretty-boy character archetype would resonate more strongly with Japanese audiences and made them change it.
  6. I got a cool idea for sigs, so I whipped up a test one to see what everyone thinks:


    I still need to add the comp name (or possibly logo, if someone comes up with one), and maybe make the staff a bit more dynamic, but I figured it's good for a concept piece (there also may be some tweaks depending on if there's an X and Zero bracket again, [or, perhaps, something different, like Vile and Sigma brackets?]). If you guys like it, I can make more this weekend.

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