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  1. The song itself is quite good, but it just didn't feel like Silent Hill. The first part is the only part taken from Silent Hill 1, and it's one of those songs that you almost don't remember. It took me a few days to pick out which song it was, because I honestly couldn't tell. The second segment just lacked in the way the style was. They tried to to rock, but there wasn't enough bass, not enough harmonization, and the part originially played by the violin in the original song is taken up by the guitar, the SAME guitar doing the rest of the melody, which just sounds screwed up. The last part ha
  2. Personally, I think it's WONDERFUL. It has to be one of the best orchestrated remixes i've heard in a while. Here are the few flaws this song has: At the beginning, the flutes seem slightly flat the second they start each note and are instantly back on key just after that split second. At about 1:25, the french horn part sounds sort of out of place. That's all of the flaws. I REALLY liked the piano at the end though. Overall, I think this is a wonderful remix and is worth downloading.
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