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  1. One thing about rap and hip-hop most artists these days miss is the fact that rap needs personality as well as talent. The talent is most definitely here, but it's the personality and sincerity of the flow that really grab me. Awesome mix DCT, and awesome flow Just Us. (Just makes me wish half of the radio rap was as good as this. Oh well, just have to wait until Kanye's next album comes out. )
  2. Hey, I keep getting a 403 forbidden when I try to get to the DKC site. I'd love to see if it's as good as RotC...
  3. Done, thanks neminem. Oh, and just to bring up old topics, what thread has the sig-makers?
  4. Yup, already visited Unmod, thanks! d b EDIT: This is totally unrelated, but why does every thread I post on get the gray square treatment? Is my wimpy post count dragging it down?
  5. Hey everyone, new n00b1...(er-hem) NEWBIE here (sorry about that), just dropping in.
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