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  1. new? you've got 3000+ posts and a join date of 2004 >.> anyways... anyone going to a-kon in dalls this year? i'm going and would like to know if any of you will be there so i'll know to be extra weary of who the hell is gonna be there to try and molest me >.>
  2. just over a month for me too, i get out around the week of may 22 or so... dunno the exact date... and all next week is pretty much easy ass standardized testing know to us texans as taks, which if i pass em all (which i will) i can exempt that subjects final exam. and if i get commended on one i can exempt one more final from another subject, so i'd only have to take 2 instead of 5 (old exemption policy allowed for only 2 final exemptions per semester) finals. and the 2 that i will definately have to take are pe and either spanish or computer science... and with the last english paper of the year due on thurday, of which i only have to do a few mionor edits and i'm done, the rest of the year should be quite relaxed
  3. so? i get friday off so i get +1 to no school plus (if i was a senior) i would get to come to school at 10:30 every day but monday next week but i'm not so only 10:30 arrival on wednesday for me ;_; but the monday after next i have off 2 3 day weekends in a row! w00t!
  4. you do it by going to someone's gamer card on xbox.com and click add/remove/what ever else
  5. i dunno if you guys know this, but a friend of mine told me a day or 2 ago that you can now edit your xbox live firned list straight from xbox.com just felt like posting this little bit of info
  6. i'mma go get on ze xbox live with mein amigo... you know, the one i said would love to join the clan... so um... get on like now
  7. Oooh, metroid prime awkward... I played it for a bit (brother's copy) and after the first boss I was like 'meh'... The controls are too... different for my tastes. Since I'm a guy who strives for accuracy and stuff. Bot matches were also cheap =/Almost done with college stuff. Then Halo 2 online again. May have a few more people joining the clan since they want a clan that has --people-- in it that do stuff for a change. i prob won't be able to play tonight... lil bro having his b-day party and he's attempting (feebly of course) to have some sort of video game/lan party. but they're 9 and 10 year olds of course... but i'm kinda being forced to donate my tv to the cause... or you could call it forced to be nice so i can play guitar hero which he got for his b-day... anyways, don't expect me to be on tonight
  8. why would i be unhappy? O.o meh... anyways... i got metroid prime: hunters today... need friends to play with... might be semi-more absent from halo 2... but yeah... friend code is 2620 6055 7728
  9. i don't get staff? but i did so much for the clan! ;_; (ok maybe not that much... but i did send a ton of the invites in the past... and so far am the only one to have corrected the little tag things to say team ocr instead of clan ocr... which all are free to use, only save it to your own computer and get your own image hosting site >.>) god i need to somehow get my friend back on teh intarweb and onto xbox live and get him a new copy of halo 2 so he can join us... that would make my life complete...
  10. ahh, i love this clan the only thing keeping me from voting for lazy was her horrible attendance record >.> so congratz to deej, may he lead this clan into something better than wespip was too lazy to do XD i won't be on til saturday or sunday, going to visit the grandparents tomorrow til then... gonna miss an uber st. pat's pool party and going to see v for vendetta with some friends ;_; but i do need outta my home town for a couple days... just wish i coulda gone earlier in the week ;_;
  11. oh, wireless... you could always get that $100 or so wireless bridge... oh, and lazy, how's your problem coming along? XD
  12. you weren't on ;_; which wouldn't have mattered anyways since i left at about 9:45 central... but twas fun... i had my friend on as a guest, he says that if he had internet, live, and his copy of halo 2 back (someone broke into his house and stole it, leaving things such as the tv, surround sound system, and xbox alone and smashing up a bunch of wishbones O.o) he would definately want to join oh, and i'm getting hunters, you're getting it too, i take it? edit: first, nice gif XD. second, couldn't you just do a direct connection to the modem?
  13. Spanking the e-penis again pip?AND I DUNNO WHO TO VOTE FOR T_T; There's like... hardly anyone on ever and the ranking system has been flawed the last couple of weeks (up after a loss, down after a win. WTF?) you can always vote for me, eh? eh?
  14. Me! i play somewhat regularly, and have been the only one to send invites (cept the last few) for a while...
  15. Deej Valen. I'm about to get on myself...OMG WINGLESS LIVES! NEW REMIX! O: Zomg he does! now only to get him to actually play with us and confirm his alive-ed-ness and that his family didn't just post that last remix in his name as a commemoration of his death >.>
  16. judjing by posting times, seems the party didn't last long after me and strykr left O.o but twas still fun... i would've stayed up later but i was somewhat tired, if we play tonight then i'll probably be able to stay awake longer...
  17. i'll try to get on tonight... too lazy to do time conversion really... but 10pm est is good for me and i can stay up as late as i want, meaning i'll probably be up til 3 if we stay up that late...
  18. heh, stbu if you do manage to get past the menus and into the game, but it doesn't let you log in, check the xbox live settings under family settings and make sure original xbox games aren't blocked from live, i had that problem and i didn't know it was that, i just kept getting "an important message from xbox live" (which, when checking in the original xbox, was that i was banned until 12-31-9999) and wouldn't be able to get on... so i didn't play on live for the first 2 weeks :/ i might be on later tonight... meaning within the hour...
  19. deej, you feeling ok? that wasn't schmop... and it's not that odd... most of my friends haven't heard about it... *stabs azzizzle and steals his snow day*
  20. Yes we did; that should happen every week. I'll whole-heartedly second that. Very good games everyone. thirded also, i found a cool internet radio thing that chooses music for you based on your preferences and over 400 different attributes. here for more info: http://www.betanews.com/article/Pandora_Sees_the_DNA_in_Digital_Music/1138839893 and here for the actual site: www.pandora.com
  21. BAD LAZY LEAF! BAD! you said you would be there ;_; regardless, me, deimos, darkflame, icy guy, nightshadow (non-member but still cool), and sonic had a good amount of fun tonight
  22. i guess i'll go hook everything back up from my lan party last weekend and get on now...
  23. i'll try to make it on tonight you guys better be there if i do >.>
  24. almost lna party time! w00t! 2 more hours...
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