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  1. isn't every caln supposed to get there own forum somewhere just for making the clan? edit (forgot to add this): and what's wrong with the SNES-ness? half of our members have nintendo related gamertags... edit#2: finally got around to forcing myself to looking up the info, and yes we can have our own forum on the bungie site. we just make a group there for our clan... but i think having our own site with our own domain would be much cooler ^^
  2. hmm, music... triforce majeure from zelda 3 is kinda good, bit long at 7 mins though. oh, and a friend and i worship chocorena from ff7 ^^ on the subject of ff7, has anyone seen advent children? it's awesome. i know where to get it if ya want ^^
  3. you're all lazy ¬_¬ i'm the only one who ever sends out the clan invites anyways, tonight was fun, played with magicshmop and boys gone wild and a few non clan members in some custom games: peek a boo, tremors, escapee soup, and zombies twas fun indeed in zombies i got a few sword orgies going, it was awesome seeing 4 or 5 ppl on screen at once just slashing at everyone ^^
  4. shmop coming back? JOY! maybe i'll get on before i go on a photo safari ^^ i'll post my findings on my devart page: http://m3trion.deviantart.com/
  5. meep wespip, i sent an invite dayss ago... and redchlorine, can't wait to see the final design ^^ i hope i can get me parents to let me get one... how will this be distributed and payment taken care of?
  6. i'm gonna get on halo 2 for a bit if anyone wants to join me. please? so lonely ;_;
  7. i'm gonna get on for a game or two or 3 or more if any of you are on @deej: heh, if teachers actually paid attention at my school they'd probably tell me to do that, i know that we're not supposed to wear plain white shirts because it's a gang sign or something like that me and my friends are trying to find a teacher who will sponsor a halo club for our school. i dunno if anyone has asked any teacher yet but we have a few possible candidates... no more talk... halo!
  8. hmm, a second halo shirt would be nice yesterday i went to get some shirts and see a movie with a couple friends we each got a halo shirt that has the legendary symbol on the front and the description of legendary on the back. we're all gonna wear it on monday ^^
  9. GAO~ i want to get on halo 2 but google talk, my first dip into the pool of adding skins and extensions to firefox, and some anime mp3s i just got are keeping me away ;_; what should i do? should i stay on the computer, play halo 2, or go and read eldest? such hard choices ;_; someone else make them for me edit: gonna get on halo 2
  10. you can't get on live til after you've started school again?!? O.o that's wierd... anysways... deej that'd be a cool idea but me parents would never consent to me giving someone i met online money for a shirt ;_; maybe if i word it to make it sound like i'm getting it from an online retailer... on a slightly related note: when i first read your post i thought it said "clean" shirts not clan shirts XD the hunger must be getting to me
  11. gasp! both of em hadn't heard it?!? that's disturbing... on the subject of disturbing songs, i went to the wingless's site a while ago and made my way to his music section and dled all that i could see. twas all great, cept for one song. for some reason Zelda -- Eutopia Pegasi was some strange song about some guy who was cheated out of his girlfriend by spiderman o.o i just checked the site and the song seems to be a zelda song now but what was he thinking when he put that up there?
  12. i saw that comic a while ago and loved it XD poor kirby i might get on right now unless i make a sad attempt at modifying the google logo... meh, i'll just get on
  13. omg i'm alive! sry i've been gone, been busy and school started the 15th so that made thigns worse, plus my xbox was kinda unplugged and i was too lazy to plug it back in i should get to bed soon but i'll try to force myself online tomorrow
  14. hey deej, i'll try to go get online if my brother isn't in the room with his girlfriend... and if i can pry myself away from the computer... anyways, school starting on the 15th for me ;_; since i'm going to the main campus this year (a few miles away from my house, compared to the few blocks of my elementary, middle, and 9th grade campuses) so gone are the days of a 2-5 minute bike ride to school, oh well, next year i'll be driving and be bale to get a parking space there... woa... suddenly nearing the end of writing this i feel dead... but... must... get... online... x.x
  15. i'm gonna eat something then force myself to set up my xbox i'll send you an invite Decrescendo
  16. hey guys, sorry i haven't been on in forever, just got back from vacation monday and have been catching up on some stuff. if i'm not feeling lazy then i might hook my xbox back up and get online tonight, but now i'm screwing around with my PSP's new browser. (i dled the all region version from ign.com, the US/Canada only version isn't out yet, but this one seems to work just fine). hope to see you online soon
  17. that's awesome! i wish i had some good skill to boast about so that i could get an awesome pic ;_;
  18. i was on earlier with some ppl, on til around 9 or 10 i invited my friend to the clan but he prob won't be on too much (he just got WoW a few days ago) and there doesn't seem to be a point to fables aware capability, or any games aware capability... the ability to invite friends from another game is kinda nice...
  19. tonight was great, saying this really quick at 1:30 AM since it's pretty much the only time i can get on the comp without having to fight tooth and nail with my little sister -_-" my "halo happy time" (when i have the most fun and just feel good afterwards, like a euphoria) is usually midnight to 3 AM so i had to adapt a bit for this well i'm off to do a little bit o web surfing then bed, cya later
  20. i'm in if there are still spots left gamertag= metrion i'm gonna try to buy the maps, where did you find out that they're coming out monday?
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