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  1. i did have a really fun session last night with a friend in action sack, mainly because it was a couple gametypes that i really liked and i hadn't played for a few weeks so i almost forgot how much fun i could have... hmm, for me sunday night past 7 central or any other night after that past 6:30 or 7 is good for me... i was about to think that this thing had died after going so long with no new posts O.o
  2. i'mgonna get on for a minute to send bladewind an invite... i might stay on longer if i see you guys online but i dunno... hmm, i see someone beat me to it... i've got to say, i am a bit dissapointed with perfect dark zero and pgr3's online functionality... very very VERY dissapointed. why can't everyone do it like bungie did with halo 2? sigh...haven't been able to play an online match in either one.
  3. grwar, it won't let me change ANYTHING in my profile on xbox.com... not even the avatar. WTF ;_; microsoft is being such a bitch about those under 18 or 21 or w/e age they set as old enough to be able to do things without having their hand held -_-"
  4. ... When did this happen, and why was I not informed? you don't? meh, i thought that those with an icon by their name other than the original xbox logo on a friend list (in the xbox 360 dashboard of course, not original xbox) had an xbox 360... i guess if you have a profile on xbox.com all the stuff there shows up on a 360 friends list but anyways... it turns out that original xbox games were blocked from being able to be played online... i dunno why, i know i didn't set that and no one else in my house knows how so it must be some wierd default... i might be on later today too, but my grandparents are here so i might be more obligated to visit with them i just went to set up my profile on xbox.com and when it asked what systems do you own it listed the ps3 and revolution... i should list them as a gag...
  5. dammit! i actually see wespip online last night but no! my xbox 360 still doesn't want to let me online because i have some imaginary message from xbox live and can't be allowed online till i read it ;_; wespip, you have a 360, did you ever have a problem with this? anyone else in the clan?
  6. i finally got my xbox 360 yesterday, but whenever i try to get on live on halo 2 it says i have an important message from xbox live that isn't there and won't let me go onto live without reading it which i can't since it DOESN'T EXIST! and i'm too lazy to hook up my old xbox ;_; i called tech support and they said they knew about it and it should be fixed within a week...
  7. they died? i dunno... today after my last 2 finals of the semester i went to a friend's end of semester halo-palooza. it kicked all kinds of ass, and i did better than i thought, but then again, the other good players among my friends have either been playing wow the past few months or gotten their copy of halo 2 stolen...
  8. That's because the first batches of Xboxes suck ass. My friends is like, one of the old xboxes to first come out and its retarded, hardly able to play anything without multiple tries. Mine is newer, and can play everything on its first try.Oh, btw. Hi. My name's Deej. I'm not on as much but that's because I'm working, playing Maplestory, at school, sleeping, or practicing for tournies around here. I got a 4 man team already and we're getting better and better. If I'm online I may be with people but if I'm not, just join and I'll drag ya into some slaughterfests. you haven't played with boys gone wild on live yet? meh, he's one of the few ppl that i regularily find online... i actually got on earlier today and played a few games with ratirna. we had a bunch of fun ^^ even if we didn't win more than 5% of the time...
  9. maybe if you ask nicely and pay for shipping and i wasn't gonna lend my xbox to a couple of friends for a bit first and then use my xbox for the halo club me and my friends are failing at starting at my school then i'd send you mine when i get my 360 if that ever happens w00t long sentences are fun who needs periods
  10. sorry i haven't been online lately guys, been kinda busy... but i'll make up for time spent not playing halo with me friend's halo lan party on the last day of the semester. me and my friends always have ubertastic lan parties, it's like against the laws of physics for us to throw a bad one O.o
  11. NOOOOOOOOO! ;_; i was at grandparents from wednesday til saturday ;_; the one time everyone is on i miss it ;_; *pouts off to school*
  12. i guess eb games was right to only allow about 6 to 10 reservations microsoft screwed up the launch... i'm not even old enough to sign up for a gamercard on their website! i was old enough to have an account there during the xbox ages...
  13. noooooooooooooooooooes! i might not be on the first shipment of xbox 360s ;_; that makes me a saaaaaaaaaaaaaad panda. specially after they told me before that i would be on the first shipment ;_; but they did say that a few ppl canceled so i just might be on the first shipment, and if that doesn't get me on it then i'll ask if coming at midnight will get me a 360 on day one...
  14. *Seconded* Well, for all of those who aren't going by a Canadian calendar, we should specify a date. I'm thinking the 25th, the day after REAL Thanksgiving (the 25th is a Friday). *Thirded* *vanishes*
  15. hokay, i'll go and add you now anyone who reads this: GET THE FUCK ON LIVE YOU LAZY BASTARDS! i <3 u with mouth kthxbye (gotta love that cartoon)
  16. you sick sick little moo cow! meh, i might get on in about an hour, so deej, bug me on aim then OMG LAZY LEAF SAID SOMETHING! SHE'S NOT DEAD! w00t! she must join us tonight.... oh yea: the xbox 360 is gonna have ubertastic majikal 3delicous grafux, so how does microsoft advertise it? a bunch of black ppl playing jumprope! (nothing against black ppl of course) wtf does that have to do with gaming! the giant water balloon fight looked like fun tho...
  17. i know how you feel, that happens to me a lot ;_; bungie needs to do som,ething about that...
  18. pfft, lies you know you said you were looking for "the penis place" (no seriously, he found a place called the penis place near his house and he sent me a mapquest link with his address in it) You mean the one weebl was talking about on www.weebls-stuff.com? i dunno, he just said that he found a place with the word penis in it (i don't remember exactly what he said it was called) near his house
  19. Grabbed. To be listened to later. same here ^^ school now ;_;
  20. pfft, lies you know you said you were looking for "the penis place" (no seriously, he found a place called the penis place near his house and he sent me a mapquest link with his address in it)
  21. omg guys! i know where shmoppy lives! address and everything! it's 3*hit by "random" train*
  22. NO! THERE WILL BE NO INVITE FOR YOU! uhh... i mean, i'll try to get one to you tonight
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