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  1. *Tear* We need to get together again, Wes. Oh god, Cyanide... *cries* The memories! *burts out crying* *sniff* ;_; Bumper hogs all night long..god..I miss those days...but hey we still play..just not as often. I've been really busy at school..and this weekend is teh big JOhn Mayer trio concert! booya. I'll try to get on tonight if I finish this paper in time..so yeah get online every one! I'll record toO! On another note! I nominate that this song be our Team Ocremix clan theme song! > http://halo.bungie.org/news.html?item=14186 w00t! i'll be there! and i dunno about that song, it's hilarious, but you and ratirna are (as far as my knowledge goes) the only girls in the clan... but then again, it is kick ass... with a random meow at the end! hmm, i say we have someone do a remix of that song or the original as our clan theme song ^^ also, can anyone with a decent knowledge of bbcode help me with my sig? i tried adding another thing too it but it said it was too long so i went to tinyurl.com to shorten the urls in it but they don't work too well with the bbcode...
  2. icy posts?!? when was the last time you posted here? or played with us? are you even in the clan still? and speaking of who's still in the clan: what about the wingless? is he still in? O.o
  3. i'll probably be on later too finally someone posts here, i was just beginning to think this thread died...
  4. ok weaselfang, this is definatly a gametype where even teams are needed and it must be closed after starting. here be the stats: http://www.bungie.net/Stats/GameStats.aspx?panel=hits&gameid=316964015&player=metrion here some it started as me and ratirna vs magic and then a few others joined. if it is a 2 on 1, then the person by his/herself has a great advantage: more ppl to kill, only needs 25 while the other team needs 50, no one to drag him down etc. i do think this gametype has potential, but only under the right conditions. also weapons on map need to be off as we found out here: http://www.bungie.net/Stats/GameStats.aspx?gameID=316939388&player=metrion magic got the BR and took us out easily ¬_¬ i stopped the game and fixed that. also magic: i'm so sorry i killed you twice in that match, i just got back from fixing something and was hurrying to sit down and accidentally hit the l button ^^; the second time you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time...
  5. what do you mean artwork? like pics? and who's stealing it if that's all... or do you mean the movie itself... i'm gonna rent it when it comes out on dvd anyways so bleh, i'm not completely stealing it... ^^; but if it is just artwork then i'm not doing that ⌐_⌐ ¬_¬ oh and like me new sig? magic did most of it but i added the hearts and sweatdrop cuz he could find the sprites and didn't wanna make em i guess...
  6. silly deimos, you don't stop getting on live for weeks at a time... also on happier news: http://www.suteki-square.com/?media=mp3 w00t! Advent Children soundtrack! time to really test this dlthemall plugin for firefox! seems to be working great too! getting up to 2mb/s ^^ edit: actually that quality is kinda not the best, i'm getting nipponsei's version now: http://www.bitenova.org/download.php?id=b8dcc5e7ce00daf4f0bf27dfee8b6ab6698908d8
  7. Well, you also dont have monster leg problems going on at the moment either... Oh, or food shortages. There's nothing to eat that has any nutritional value in the house. I can't live off of sugar X_XI'll be on after I mow the lawn... Maybe... I dunno still. since when do you need LEGS to play halo? and who needs nutrition? you're excuses keep getting worse ¬_¬ next you'll be saying you have to wash your hair
  8. ugh deej is being the complete suck second night in a row he didn't get online after i begged and threatened him i got school too and i still get on
  9. tahnks, that hurricane was the biggiest waste of time ever, but it was also a good waste of time since school twas gone. today was kinda a goof off day in school since last wednesday was the last day of school before the hurricane and today was the first day after it and every wednesday we only have odd number periods so it wouldn't be fair to learn something new since we have the even periods on thursdays and we get more odd period class time...
  10. OMG INTERNETTY GOODNESS! I'M BACK! W00T! i returned staruday from evacuating but my power was out ;_; it came back on yesterday at 5 but i bought burnout legends (which is great) and went to a friend's house for the night but i dunno if i'll be on halo 2 tonight cuz my drawing tablet is arriving today! at least with rita (which barely did any damage cept for a bunch of leaves and sitcks on the ground, power outage, and a few big branches down, sadly less than 1 inch of rain! from a HURRICANE! sheesh) i got an awesome 6 day weekend!
  11. looks like i'm going to abilene today to get away from the storm, cya in a few days
  12. Have fun in that =P Sad that the last 2 hurricanes to hit the east coast have also hit Ohio... Giving us a lot of rain. ha, that makes me laugh on a side note: i'm backing up my computer onto my ext hd, but i have 1 question: is it bad if my ext hd sounds like a ticking clock?
  13. sigh i'm evacuating to arkansas tomorrow ;_; probably won't be able to get on live for a few days, longer if the dead tree behind my house falls on my house from the 110mph winds my area is supposed to get i really wanna stay and experience this ;_; grwar someone other than BGW get on... he's always on and it's creepy...
  14. deej, you're not hte only person who knows what cel shaiding is, i know i was gonna rent the first katamari a few days ago but the hollywood video right by my house didn't have it ;_; i really wanna play it grwar and to make things worse, there's a friggen hurricane headed straight for me the very weekend my LANtastic halo/b-day party is scheduled, and i can't reschedule to next week cuz my friend is have his non-LANtastic pool/b-day party then, and the week after that i think my other friend is gonna have a party for some of the ppl in the anime club at my school. can someone make the hurrican go away? pwease ;_; i just hope the power doesn't go out, or the hurricane just hits lousiana again...
  15. burger king and hardee's (carl's jr) seem like the only two fast food joints that have really started pushing (and obviously) in that direction...instead of promoting healthier living styles (like McDonald's (though even that's an illusion)) they instead have been trying to reinforce their 'heart-attack on a bun'...luckily for me i can't eat at burger king anymore and i rarely eat at McDonald's either. Taco Bell is the only fast food i can eat anymore around here arby's is only puching the food, burger king is saying you should sit down and not move at all kinda funny since right now we're watching "Super-Size Me" in health. that video says mcdonalds calls ppl who eat there once a week heavy users and those who eat there 2-3 times a week super heavy users. i used to eat there about 3 times a week, mainly in the summer, and i'm actually quite skinny... me and my friends (who are kinda obese) always joke how i'm the fat one ^^ tis quite enjoyable we're so weird o.o oh, and GBN: invite sent
  16. k, i'll send it soon ugh my sister is watching one of those crappy fabulous life of celebrity shows -_-" why do ppl care how they live? it's unhealthy to learn everything you possibly can about them. plus, i hate the voice of the narrator and also: not only does bruger king want you to eat their heart attack on a bun, but the also want you to do it with as little physical movement as possible what the hell is this world coming to?!?!
  17. DON'T TAKE THIS AS A AN ASSHOLE APPROACH but Tales Of Symphonia has been $20 for about...7 months I worked at Kroger and there was a Meijer across the street (which i shopped at more than Kroger) and they had it for $20, but I bought Kingdom Hearts instead for $20. Hmmm...maybe i should go pick up Tales now, I finished KH like...a long time ago. Dr. Marius, that's the same game i watched u play on the Gamecube right? EDIT: I REALLY, REEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLY like peekaboo, but I made a name for it that fits better... Cyborg Ninja! No... I've never played Tales. There's a huge part of me that wants to, and then this other part shouts that I have no way to play the first ones in the Tales series. Maybe eventually. I think you're thinking of Skies of Arcadia. Except the graphics in Tales look much much better, unless you have something against that art style, that and I think it's in 2-d. Like 4 swords was. Speaking of crisp clear 2-d, anyone else seen the trailer for the new Ghouls and Ghosts on the PSP? Finally they're making a portable game for it! I've got a PSP myself, but if you really want to play the good games on it, you may as well stay home and play it, considering you're going to need an hour or two to really have fun with Lumines or Acid (The only games I have for it right now) yea i saw that yesterday, it looks really good, i might get it... that and rockman rockman if it comes out in the US, i hope it does, then i can play it and my friend behind me will be all sad cuz i won't let him play it since he's a really big megaman fan ^^ tis fun to be evil (i'll let him play it eventually)
  18. people knew it was you, wespip at least i did... i finally, after 5 tries, converted FF:AC to play on my psp and fit on my memory stick! too bad there's no subs, since the version i dled had a separate sub file... but the movie is mostly action and after watching it twice i know pretty much what's going on ^^
  19. yea we're still accepting just post your gamertag and i'll get to sending an invite ASAP since no one else bothers to do it ¬_¬
  20. tonight was awesome! played with marius, ratirna and her guest, and zero infiniti. carbon and magic joined in the last game i played in and maybe a couple others but i was having so much fun i didn't notice any others started with a couple matchmade gaames, first one a really hectic, confusing and fast paced team slayer on gemini; next one was a not as good team slayer on ascension. then we started switching around leadership. the best by far was zero's turn. king of the hill on lockout with random weapons and 3 minutes to win. i eventually won ^^ but it took forever. quite a few non members joined making it really crazy, and most of the time i was kinda yelling "marius must not win! must beat marius!" cuz marius is always winning ;_; so i got my wish! too bad i have homework to do ;_; weaselfang: oh, ok. i get what you mean now, you want to use our clan as a guinea pig in some of your game types, i'd be willing to do that, post your game type and i'll put it in when i'm not lazy and test it with them or some of my own friends feel free to come and distract me on aim...
  21. that's... interesting... i'll go look around a bit if you send us the stats for your tweakings also to the clan: iff you've noticed i just changed the symbol pic to say team ocremix feel free to save it off of me and upload it TO YOUR OWN PHOTO UPLOAD PAGE if ya wanna use it ^^ edit: hokay got a good site with a ton of game types and stats for em: http://ganai.com/archives/2005/02/20/halo-2-custom-game-types/ just send us what you come up with and we'll probably be willing to test em for you, i will at least
  22. i'm there too, as i already told deej
  23. so we're all submitting ideas now? i'll try to find time to make one... and aren't quite a few of the songs here ripoffs of other songs by normal bands?
  24. i think upload is usually about 1/10th of download edit: w00t! i finally have enough posts on here to have a rank! took me long enough ^^
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