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  1. anyone notice this track sounds a LOT like a song from WarioWare on the Wii? i don't know what the original track from Bayou Billy sounds like though so i can't compare it with that. EDIT: sorry i guess this is a review thread not a discussion thread now that i think of it yeah this song is definitly good, but hard to call great, because the main thing i noticed was that it sounds almost exactly like a song i really liked from warioware on the wii.
  2. awesome remix only thing i wouldve changed is to have the voices become louder near the end (in relation to the rest of the music)
  3. this is one of the (if not THE) best mp3's in my collection better than both Wormaphobic Disorder and Brainsick Metal, my two previously favorite Protricity remixes.
  4. Draconis from Baldurs Gate II: Throne of Bhaal have never hit my monitor so many times as from that fight.
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