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Found 3 results

  1. I've made a series of songs here over the last month. I'm wondering if any of these songs need improvement or not. These were made for a video game in mind. Here are three main 4 main tracks Truelyeh https://soundcloud.com/getjiggywithit-2/trulyeh?in=getjiggywithit-2/sets/video-game-sound-track-free Strange Encounter https://soundcloud.com/getjiggywithit-2/sets/video-game-sound-track-free Title Screen https://soundcloud.com/getjiggywithit-2/titel-screen?in=getjiggywithit-2/sets/video-game-sound-track-free And here are some miscellaneous songs like for events Select Game Loading https://soundcloud.com/getjiggywithit-2/loading-screen?in=getjiggywithit-2/sets/video-game-sound-track-free Close to Danger https://soundcloud.com/getjiggywithit-2/close-to-danger?in=getjiggywithit-2/sets/video-game-sound-track-free You Dead Sucker https://soundcloud.com/getjiggywithit-2/you-dead-sucker?in=getjiggywithit-2/sets/video-game-sound-track-free
  2. Simple question, I've been trying to recreate the sound Nightmare makes when he appears in Metroid Fusion. I've gotten close by FM'ing a square wave with a sine wave but it just doesn't sound right. Perhaps one of you have come across this sound in your various endeavors in creating sounds?
  3. Hello, I'm in dire need of a composer/musician, who wants to make music and sound effects for a project I will describe below. Since this is a hobby project I won't get any money for, neither will you, sorry! Okay, you're still reading, that's good Let me tell you about my project and the general style I have in mind for it's audio: The Box Theory Project's Deviantart Page The Box Theory is a semi autobiographic Webcomic series that sometimes features little shorts as episodes. It's about the life of a design student in a pixelart styled parallel world of our own. Music and Sounds are therefore heavily 8-bit driven and also contain elements of rock and metal. References: The Scott Pilgrim Movie The Band Machinae Supremacy The Band Anamanaguchi You're job then will be to make the music and/or sound effects for these animated shorts (2-4 minutes long). If you're interested please contact me via e-mail taijj(at)gmx.net! I will collect contact informations in a first round until Sunday the 31st of January! Then I'll take a look at your previous work, so it would be cool if you'd provide some means to check it out and then we'll talk about what exactly I'd like to have for my stuff! Thanks for reading! I hope to hear from you soon! Have it nice! ՞ ᗜ ՞ Regards, Taijj
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