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Found 1 result

  1. First of all, sorry if it is the wrong place to post. I know there's Bahamut's post in R&C but it is rarely updated. Mods, feel free to delete this if it doesn't belong here. I wanted to see what could be done with the various projects. And since anyone can direct a project, I think it's for the best if everyone can talk about it, suggest solutions, and even step up to help. It'd be a shame to have some cool music not released anytime soon because of minor issues. This is also the place to find possible music claims if you want to help a project. So yeah, help an existing project end before starting too many new ones! Please note my analysis is only based on public projects, official projects (not unofficial ones in R&C) and on what I know -- I will not spoil or say anything related to private projects or other stuff I may know. Here we go! ACTIVE/RECRUITING CastleMania -- Started a few days ago after Shariq proposed the idea à la Super Cartography Bros. Should be an OCRI album as SCB. Still in recruitment, go and claim tracks here. Final Fantasy VIII -- Started this year. Still recruiting. Brandon will most likely finish FF3 before working full force on this one. Secret of Mana -- Restarted in February 2016. Bahamut will probably work hard on this one. Some tracks remain to be claimed, so go ahead! Paper Mario -- Started a few years ago (around 2011-2012 IIRC). RECKENEFIN wants to complete it, the album recently got official. Some tracks remain to be claimed -- a co-drector/assistant may be welcome as well. Hometown Heroes -- Restarted in March 2016. Aiming for OCRA quality. Recruiting. 25 Years of Fire Emblem -- Started last year, and recently got its official status (congrats!). A smaller tracklist, with almost-finished tracks and advanced WiPs. I don't think it will be released anytime soon this year (maybe mid/end of next year) as it's still looking for more people (remixers, artists, etc.) Hopefully its official status will contribute to its development! Final Fantasy III -- Started in 2013. Quite active, Brandon really pushes to get this one completed. I'd say it's halfway through its development, but Brandon handles things quite well. It could be released by the end of next year or early 2018 if everything goes well. Super Mario RPG: Window of the Stars -- Started in 2013. Close to completion (lots of finished tracks), as the final deadline (Feb 16, 2016) was reached recently. Art seems to be done (or at least started). A few tracks seem to be still open for claims. ToN isn't very active, but DaMonz (project assistant) is, so your best bet is to contact him about it. Pretty sure this one can be completed and released by next year without too much trouble if the staff gets a little more active. Lawn Party! Plants vs. Zombies -- Started in 2014. Most of the album is close to completion, and Timaeus seems to be quite active about it. Art will be needed in the future. This one can be completed this year (next deadline in April). Final Fantasy V: The Fabled Warriors -- Started in 2010. Volume II (Water) is done according to Shariq. Production for Volume III (Fire) will mostly start soon-ish. Shariq will handle the rest of the production (and I trust him not to wait until 2020 to release Fire lol). Lufia II: Of Gods and Men -- Started in 2010 (v2?). Apparently, half of it is done, and Wesley recently said he would finish it this year after a long absence. I trust the man, this one could be out by the end of the year or in early 2017. LIMBO/INACTIVE Dragon Warrior / Children of Erdrick -- Started in 2009 (6-7 years ago already -- I had the time to produce the whole VV trilogy by that time lol). No public update for almost two years, despite the will to start it again. Apparently there are already some finished tracks plus a few claims. As it seems the project staff doesn't seem to be active (at least in a public way), it'd be interesting to see someone either take back the reins actively to complete all the music (as Kyle suggested) or simply release a short EP/OCRI album with the finished music. VROOM: The Best of SEGA Racing -- Started in 2013. Last year, Stevo proposed to release it as a smaller OCRI EP, and that's a perfect suggestion, as there is enough music (and almost finished music) to create something very cool. I don't know how this went this last year. Art is probably a priority for this project now, so step up if you are interested or know someone would could be interested. It shouldn't be too hard to complete that one, and the concept is too excellent to let it go. Tim Follin: Dirge of the Follin -- Started in 2007 (10th anniversary next year lol? -- It started before I registered I think xD). No real update for quite some time, except comments from Brandon about the project's age. I don't know what Larry intends to do with this project, but releasing a smaller OCRI album would be the easier solution. Stuff like art will probably be needed in the future. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time -- Started in 2012. On hold. As djp said in the last post, the project staff was "more of less okay" on the fact it could be revived under new management. The project is currently in development hell, with no one to direct it. Except if Emunator or Theophany come back, I'd suggest someone (with the project and OCR staff's agreement) takes this project's management. OoT is a BIG name in the VG community, and the line-up so far is quite excellent -- it'd be a shame to see this one die due to inactivity. A lot of work awaits the person(s) who will tackle this one. FINISHED/RELEASED/SOON-TO-BE OUT BadAss: Volume III -- The album will be released soon (if you trust djp's cryptic post in the Project thread -- but maybe he's lying because he's badass and evil? ;)). Chronology: a Jazz Tribute to Chrono Trigger -- Almost complete. Based on what I saw in some MagFest video, it should be released soon-ish this year. Seiken Densentsu III -- Started in 2008. Apparently, Meteo Xavier and the staff have reached a consensus on the end of its production so it should be out this year if everything goes well. TL;DR: Google Sheet
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