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Found 5 results

  1. Rebirth of the Crystal: A Final Fantasy IX Oratorio....ReBoot(RECRUTING PEOPLE TO BE ON THE beginning PROJECT CORE TEAM): Multimedia Specialist: Contact me if interested: caitrin7@hotmail.com just to clear some things up: A mix between & an which was not made by me) is what I'm going for. the subject material: final fantasy 9
  2. Need to get a band together for my FF7 Crisis Core mix: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/770547 Source: I need: Guitarist Pianist Drummer Might need: Video Editor Sound mixer(for final mix) Email me at caitrin7@hotmail.com if interested or if you can put me in touch with someone who has the skills + recording equipment and i'll get the sheet music, minus tracks etc.
  3. Hi all! is there anybody here who really understands Kickstarter and can make an awesome Vid for my Kontakt sample library?
  4. Fan Remake of A Link to the Past's OST Legend: Red: Taken, no WIP Orange: Need WIP Blue: FINISHED Green: Final Wavs Tracks: Title: "Third Quest" -TheChargingRhino (third page, scroll down) (finished) Opening Demo: GSO, Claimed 3-14-17 Select Screen: "Beginning of the Journey" -DMT Prod (7-27-16) (Finished) Time of The Falling Rain: "Before the Storm" -TheChargingRhino (go to fourth page and scroll down) (Finished! AND has a REALLY COOL door SFX!) Secret Found/Item Jingle: "We Got Us Some Treasure!" -DMT Prod (suggested 7-22-16) (go to page 4 and scroll down) (7-30-16) Hyrule Castle: "Let's Rock and Roll" -TheChargingRhino (FINISHED!!) (7-26-16) (Go to fourth page and scroll down) Princess Zelda's Rescue: "My Knight in Shining Amour" (references end of comic and manga) -TheChargingRhino (FINISHED) (7-27-16) (go to 4th page and scroll down) Church/Sanctuary: Serenity's Call -GSO (7-26-16) (FINISHED) Overworld: "Clad in Green" -BlueJackG (7-25-16) (finished) Kakariko Village: "My Old Hometown" - GSO (7-19-16) (FINISHED) (scroll down) The Soldiers of Kakariko Village: "RUN!" GSO (8-14-16) (Finished) Cave: "Terrors of the Deep" - TheChargingRhino (Finished) (7-19-16) (Go to next page and scroll down) (7-22-16) -uploaded to forums) Fortune-Telling House: "Tarot Card Reading" GSO (8-14-16) (finished) Guessing Game House: "Guessing Game Groove" GSO (8-14-16) (finished) Sanctuary/Light World Dungeon: "Nightmare" -BlueJackG (7-25-16) (Finished) Boss BGM: "Wrath of the Guardians" -TheChargingRhino (FINISHED) (7-27-16) (go to fourth page and scroll down) Boss Cleared Fanfare: "Link to the Rescue" -GSO (7-26-16) (FINISHED) Forest/Lost Woods: "Fake Swords" - The Nikanoru Master Sword Demo: "The Blade of Evil's Bane" -TheChargingRhino (Finished) (7-19-16) (Go to next page and scroll down) (7-22-16)-uploaded to forums Flute Boy's Ocarina: "The Magic Flute" -GSO (7-26-16) (FINISHED) Priest: (I guess the first five seconds of "Wrath of the Demon King" counts for Ganon's Message and the the rest counts for this...?) (So it's technically done?) Dark World: "Funky World" -TheChargingRhino (COMPLETED 3-12-17, UPLOADED TO FORUMS 3-14-17. Page 5, very bottom) Dark Mountain/Forest: "The Dark Mountain Trail" -BlueJackG (suggested 7-22-16) (finished) Dark World Dungeon: "Dungeons and Dragons" -TheChargingRhino (suggested 8-9-16) (FINISHED) (Go to fourth page and scroll down) (8-17-16) Turned into a Rabbit!: "The Silly Pink Rabbit!" -DMT Prod (suggested 7-30-16) (finished) Crystal: "The Maiden's Message" -GSO (7-26-16) (FINISHED) The Goddess Appears: "Prayer for the Wayfarer" - GSO (7-21-16) (scroll down) (finished) The Priest Transforms into Ganon: "You are Strong, but Now, I Shall Unleash; My True, POOOOWWWEERRRR!!!!" -TheChargingRhino (might be the longest title ever, but that Phoenix track's title is long, too) (The quote is from Grim Dawn, by the way.) (FINISHED) Ganon's Message: "Wrath of the Demon King" -TheChargingRhino (string version with drums) (VOCALS TO BE ADDED) (Go to next page and scroll down) (7-22-16) (Finished) Battle with Ganon: "No Rest for the Wicked "-TheChargingRhino (Go to next page and scroll down) (7-22-16) (Finished) Triforce Chamber: "Heart of a Hero" -GSO (7-21-16) (scroll down) (finished) Ending (Story): "See Ya Next Time!" -GSO (7-18-16) (FINISHED) (scroll down) Ending (Staff Role): "The War is Over"-TheChargingRhino (scroll down) (Sometime in June) (Finished)
  5. ...for my Facebook Community orchestra's tribute to ff7(coming next year). here is most of the music:
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