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FF5 - Gilgamesh

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Here is a 34-second clip from my project, Final Fantasy 5's Battle with Gilgamesh. Black Mages did this song, called it Clash on the Big Bridge. I'm heading towards synths and trying to achieve an 80's prog-rock type sound, but there are no synths in this part (nor will there likely be). The timing is still off, especially on the bass (been playing bass for a few months now), but I'll start working on that only once I've got the entire song recorded.


Just so you know, don't tell me about the drums. There aren't drums. There is a fancy click track that sounds like drums to the untrained ear.

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The recording isn't very good.

Dang, I hate to say this, but the entire thing is pretty bad. The timing is off, but you're gonna address it. It's basically a cover with bad guitars. The first REALLY WHAMMIED part is really off-key. It sounds like your rhythm guitar doesn't even have any musical quality to it. It's just a rhythm guitar sound without notes... if you understand what I mean. I say go back to the drawing board. The song certainly lends itself to rock, but don't make it a cover and practice your guitar playing.

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