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  1. The song gets a little tiring, maybe you could put a section in the middle that was more acoustic-y (for example) to mix it up. Or build the sound up, or take the sound apart. As it is it sounds like a loop. Don't worry about "fake guitar", there are better things to do than make a realistic guitar patch IMO. The drums are are too much in the front, they sound bigger than anything else in the song -- not necessarily bad, I just don't think it works here. The lead sound has this feedback / ringing sound which sounds cool, but is used too often. Bring the lead out in front just a little more, it's the center of the piece.
  2. I like the distorted synth line that comes in at 1:27. Things get buried at about 0:30 and 2:18. I love the FX and the way all the sounds mesh. I like the syncopation at 1:13. The two issues I notice are that the center of the piece is buried under too much sound half the time, and the piece has a bit many different frequency emphases over the course of the song. For example, at 2:05 it has a kind of narrow emphasis, and at 4:00 it's got a nicer deepness and shimmering highs. I think the narrow band sounds in the song don't fit as well. But it is a great piece, and I expect to see it make the cut.
  3. Here is a 34-second clip from my project, Final Fantasy 5's Battle with Gilgamesh. Black Mages did this song, called it Clash on the Big Bridge. I'm heading towards synths and trying to achieve an 80's prog-rock type sound, but there are no synths in this part (nor will there likely be). The timing is still off, especially on the bass (been playing bass for a few months now), but I'll start working on that only once I've got the entire song recorded. http://moria.us/GilgameshTest2.mp3 Just so you know, don't tell me about the drums. There aren't drums. There is a fancy click track that sounds like drums to the untrained ear.
  4. I love this remix so much! The lo-fi recording combined with a real piano makes for some of the most serious mojo in the OC Remix catalogue. It really sings, and the dynamics only brings shame to other songs.
  5. Why it rocks: It's a solid song. The guitars are the stars. I like the one that opens with the light flanger on it. Tight arrangement. What it needs: It suffers from fancy synth syndrome: with hundreds of factory patches, you gotta use them all. The synth textures could be focused a bit more. One of the guitars cuts out in mono! (Just moved, haven't set up *real* sound yet.)
  6. Very nice. It reminds me of Pink Floyd for some reason, not that it's incredibly similar, just a little bit (listen at about 1:10, then compare to Brain Damage). I'm not fond of the structure (seems to just repeat and fade away), the EQ is a bit funky, and the effects are dripping. But the song is beautiful, a term which I wouldn't apply to many OCRs, even my favorites. The instruments complement each other well, and the percussion is a welcome break from typical OCR fare. This song also brings back memories from FF7... good memories.
  7. Most bittorrent programs have a upload rate and simultaneous connection limit which you can set. On the default Mac OS X client, just press the button in the top right corner of the window to bring the toolbar down.
  8. I wasn't fooled by the guitar, but I love the texture just the same. This song's texture is definitely its strong point, and I like the variation in the different sections of the song. The EQ and levels are well done, except the chime synth with the delay/feedback on top of the guitar synth sounds a little cluttered to my ears. I'm not sure if I like or dislike that. The arrangement isn't phenomenal, but this is one of the most listenable and interesting OC Remixes of FF6.
  9. Despite my undying love for Frog's theme, this mix isn't really exciting. I like the arrangement, and the occasional frog sound is a nice touch. It sounds like Frog gave blood, and he's doing techno but not feeling too well and needs to sit down. The melody lines are a bit to far back in the mix with the synth driving the melody soft in the first place. The life of the mix doesn't really match the beat or the enthusiasm of Frog's melody. That said, the structure of the song is refreshing and the arrangement well done. Feels like an average Chrono Trigger remix, where someone likes CT and likes techno / trance but doesn't have a strong direction for the song.
  10. Very nice on the ears, I like how quiet this song is. The mood is great, I just close my eyes and Ailsean takes me to Final Fantasy 7. The guitar has a liquid lullaby tone to it, which is a little more than the song needs, but it's good just the same. My only complaint is that it's doesn't have very much to it, playing it repeatedly can get boring. Likely in my top 5 FF7 remixes (yes, I have listened to more than 5... I've listened to about 30). I wonder what kind of EQ / distortion setup Ailsean has, also kinda wish I had enough cash to buy pedals for my guitar, but ah well.
  11. Made me laugh, made me cry, made me turn the volume down. I didn't think that a remix could bring such emotion, never mind one featuring a compressed and vocoded singing robot. It's faults are mostly obvious: a few instruments (and sometimes that awesome voice) get lost underneath the otherwise very worthy drums. Overlooking the mixing and mastering, the arrangement is one of the most listenable among the remixes, although that isn't saying much, it is a good arrangement. Robo can kick Gonzales/Gato's metal-jointed posterior any day in a singing contest.
  12. Short and sweet, literally makes me cry. This tune goes straight for the jugular, with great guitar playing that has Nanaki written all over it, a complementary epic synth texture in the background, and drums that take your mind straight back to Cosmo Canyon. It's well-mastered too, the everything is clear and it sounds full. Next time I play the ending sequence to FF7, I want this track played over the final scene (you know, the one with Nanaki?). Of course it's a bit short, but it's polished so well... if you want more, just set it to repeat, I get tired of these 80 seconds less quickly than even some of my favorite longer remixes. I actually like how short and perfect it is. Definitely my favorite Final Fantasy VII remix, also without a doubt in my top 5 remixes I've yet heard. I'm still listening to it, I love how towering and epic the sound is.
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