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  1. I never realized how many vocal remixes there were on OCR. Neat.
  2. I really enjoyed this - I love 70's rock and this fits the bill. I may not have a super huge depth of knowledge of every band but to use a popular band as an example, production and vibe wise it reminds me a lot of Bad Company... if the vocalist was a little bit lower toned. Really told a great story with a beautiful guitar solo
  3. I recorded this one awhile ago. While I think I could have maybe tweaked a few things with the guitar tone on the baritone end of things, overall it rocks pretty hard while still being clean and ethereal. Great job everyone involved.
  4. I just realized that my June got really hectic so I missed literally submitting some wavs that I have - I think I was just quibbling for most of it but I can send you my most recent files as I may have just forgotten to send them over.
  5. Don't bang me - I promise I'm up to date!
  6. @OceansAndrew, - helped me out a lot during the initial project I was a part of for Final Fantasy 4 @audio fidelity - Same as above - also a fellow bass player. Gave me a venue to screm on which drove me down a path to adding vocals to everything I do PuD is tagged below cuz this posting thing messed up on me- fellow bass player - inflamed me with passion to try to improve my craft Shnabubula taught me a lot of things about music and tbh a few things about the industry in a way. Protricity - for giving me my current handle indirectly. @DrumUltimAcuz he's a chill dude.
  7. Last year and half I've been "ReMixing" again to try new things with my style and explore different types of melodies. I'll probably always do that a little bit. Going back to originals for a little bit though (even though they *are* inspired by other works of fiction oftentimes)
  8. All I'd want to do is re-re-re-mix what I've got for a final. I'm happy with the recording in general but made some questionable mixing choices since I was experimenting with new guitar gear and such
  9. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/211547197 for the majority of the listening party (the chat is saved as well) https://www.twitch.tv/videos/211561595 had to restart the stream so here's the last couple tunes.
  10. For those interested - there will be a listening party tonight https://www.twitch.tv/events/IvCXnOthS0WYZzr_ut7uZw
  11. Source: I'll admit (despite my normal inclination toward humility) I'm damn proud of this. I don't know what I would change from a mix perspective or anything but the real question is... Too conservative for OCR? XD That's the thing I have trouble gauging. Lyrics are attached. FallingDownLryics.txt
  12. I give consent - monetize my remixes. Do it. I'm with you with regards to YT's sudden monetization of everything all at once... seems sketch. Either way - I feel like a ReMix is a donation and you can do as you like with it. So engage the muns.
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