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    Video Games, Steven Universe, My Little Pony, How to Get Away With Murder, Magic: The Gathering and of course Magic.

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    I am a guy who likes making music. Mostly rockin' out with slappin da bass.
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    Mandolin, Ocarina, Recorder

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  1. Must have been a hard decision - but an honorable one since OCRemix and everything surrounding it must be hell to manage. Best of luck to the new folks and lord I hope you can take some well deserved rest.
  2. Flippin' great set of tunes as always. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all of the above everyone!
  3. Maybe if I add this to my bookmarks bar or something on my browser I'll remember to submit something in time. But for real - my mother in law literally complained I hadn't done one the last couple of years so I guess I better
  4. I never realized how many vocal remixes there were on OCR. Neat.
  5. I really enjoyed this - I love 70's rock and this fits the bill. I may not have a super huge depth of knowledge of every band but to use a popular band as an example, production and vibe wise it reminds me a lot of Bad Company... if the vocalist was a little bit lower toned. Really told a great story with a beautiful guitar solo
  6. I recorded this one awhile ago. While I think I could have maybe tweaked a few things with the guitar tone on the baritone end of things, overall it rocks pretty hard while still being clean and ethereal. Great job everyone involved.
  7. I just realized that my June got really hectic so I missed literally submitting some wavs that I have - I think I was just quibbling for most of it but I can send you my most recent files as I may have just forgotten to send them over.
  8. Don't bang me - I promise I'm up to date!
  9. @OceansAndrew, - helped me out a lot during the initial project I was a part of for Final Fantasy 4 @audio fidelity - Same as above - also a fellow bass player. Gave me a venue to screm on which drove me down a path to adding vocals to everything I do PuD is tagged below cuz this posting thing messed up on me- fellow bass player - inflamed me with passion to try to improve my craft Shnabubula taught me a lot of things about music and tbh a few things about the industry in a way. Protricity - for giving me my current handle indirectly. @DrumUltimAcuz he's a chill dude. @prophetik music cuz he taught me a thing or two about not being too full of myself. BustaTunez cuz he's pretty legit tbh.This tagging system has screwed me up Probably others too but I'm bad with names. Thanks for being cool. @bustatunez @Prince uf Darkness
  10. Last year and half I've been "ReMixing" again to try new things with my style and explore different types of melodies. I'll probably always do that a little bit. Going back to originals for a little bit though (even though they *are* inspired by other works of fiction oftentimes)
  11. All I'd want to do is re-re-re-mix what I've got for a final. I'm happy with the recording in general but made some questionable mixing choices since I was experimenting with new guitar gear and such
  12. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/211547197 for the majority of the listening party (the chat is saved as well) https://www.twitch.tv/videos/211561595 had to restart the stream so here's the last couple tunes.
  13. For those interested - there will be a listening party tonight https://www.twitch.tv/events/IvCXnOthS0WYZzr_ut7uZw
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