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Mission to Deep Space


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Take a listen there. I'm mainly working on the flow of the song at this point, with a good piano sound. I'll either go into an orchestrated version at a later point once I get the rearrangement finished, or make it a duet of piano's of some sort. I'm not entirely sure, but I know it sucks as is right now(and no matter where I post this, people respond with simple 'it's good' comments). Please, advanced critique and such. I want this to be great.

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Bad recording, but nice song. Dunno how much is your interpretation and how much is source tune, but I guess you played everything so there's some level of interpretation in everything.

It's a nice piece, enjoyable, although a bit repetitive, it could use some more rhythmic work and intensity variation. Didn't hear much of a dramatic curve in it, so you could play it with a story in mind, a story, or part of one that begins as you begin playing, and ends as you cease playing, but it needs a beginning, a middle, an ending.

And if you're gonna submit it here, you have to record it better. :P Import either audio or MIDI (I recommend midi) to the computer and add reverb in any decent sequencer or audio editing software with effects. With MIDI, you'll either need the synth/keyboard connected as you play, or sampled piano as soundfont or something. Probably comes free with any real sequencer nowadays.

Good luck!

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