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Choose Your Destiny - Megaman 4 Stage Select


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Alright, so initially I made some crazy remix for this song, for the mm4 remix project. The project kinda died, and I kinda never finished my mix.

So I decided to start from scratch a few days ago. Ive incorporated a few of my older ideas, and some new ideas, but I'm kinda stuck again <_<.

Anyways, let me know what you guys think of it so far, let me know what I can improve, and if you have any ideas, let me hear them :D

DJ SymBiotiX - Choose Your Destiny v2

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Holly crap,

First I didn't know how the mix was gona be when it first started since the piano itself is a little ...:/ but whoa when the meat of the track came in, I was like damn great job on that one. Anyway back to the piano, I think that could have changed. It sounds too programed and if you aren't a player, I'd add in some volume dynamics and maybe some note delay cause right now it sounds too precise. Cant say that I adore the Lead synth too much. It'd be great to add something behind it to support the rest of the song like some ambient synth, strigns or something cause right now it just sounds too in your face. No ending?!? If that was it, it was a very uninteresting way of ending it lol. On the cut section, high pitched synths on an arrpegiator would sound nice panning back and fourth to give that blank some character.

Overall, you have a great sound. I'd like to know how you got such a big sound pre master lol what compressors you usin lol. Great job

Be sure to check out my new WIP as well:



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Hmm yea, I havent gone and done any specific editing which is why the piano is all too precise. Also, yea I dont have an ending yet, I could never figure out how to end this :P.

Also, I cant seem to figure out good transitions this time <_<. Just a note, the piano at the beginning is an arrangement of the source tune. Though it could use some more variation and velocity action :P.

hehe, also as for the big sound. I dont use compressors.... like at all. Except for side chain compression. This crazy method I use, seems to work quite well. Not sure how I would explain it though :P.

Thanks for the comments. I'll check yours out now :D

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Wow regardless that the piano is obviously sequenced...it's INCREDIBLY well written grats man, and the rest....hooo man :D this is awesome. I'd blare this in my car in fact ;), I envy this in fact :P

Keep up the good work ;) and do what the other duder suggested; although my only gripe is that this is REALLY liberal. it's hard to discern the source tune here :S...oh well, when/if you finish this piece, it's going on my play list regardless lolz. BTW how's about u comment on my wips while your here too :P? Good luck man.

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well i think this is a good start on a pretty cool track. Too add to xtreemak, i agree with that synth. its just a little too blaring in contrast to the smoothness of the piano and synths, but i do think it should stay in there. What i would do is lower the volum on it a bit, and maybe think about using a phaser or flanger to make it a bit more airy.

Also, the beat progression changes 3 times throughout the mix. I dunno if i would do that, as it kinda makes the emphasis of the whole song on the beat; in a distracting way. It goes from breakbeat to techno to like a triplet beat. What i would suggest is maybe only having 2 beats. Essentially, pick either the triplet or breakbeat as the secondary style and switch back and forth from that. That will give it a little conformity.

other than that good job so far :)

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