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*NO* Final Fantasy 6 'Low Income Housing'

Antonio Pizza

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I'll tell you one thing, it's got a cool title . . . -djp

Hey, you may remember me from a while back, way back when OCR was orange, I showed the forums a half- assed, half-done Magus remix done using ModPlug Tracker. I had no knowledge of rhythm, timing, or

notation. Needless to say, I scrapped it, and vowed never to attempt to create music again.

It's been about two years now, and I'm sorry to say that my musical talent is still at pretty

much the same level. This is actually my first remix ever, and perhaps the first piece of music I

ever actually finished. I don't expect this to be posted on the first go; but I'd really appreciate

feedback and tips:

About the song, it's

the theme from the town of Zozo from FF3/6. The name's a reference to the fact that it's the place

where all the poor people live. It was originally going to be a funk/rock remix, but it mutated

into.. something else. With a clarinet. I don't know where that came from. Seriously.


"PsiOsman" Keshawarz

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I agree with Mr. Pizza - yes the musical side of things is good, but it's the production side which is lacking. Better quality sounds are needed (even though the ones here are still ok), it definitely sounds like it's a .mid just being run through a keyboard. We need more creativity.



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Boring. Choice of samples. The whole thing blows by me and I'm left thinking "Is there a video game playing in the background?" Game sountracks, while nice aren't supposed to eclipse the game. That's what I think this site is supposed to do. Bring out the music. This is too much like an OST to really bring it out.



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