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    I'm the original Bible-thumping, VGM bumper.
    Not as active in the community as I once was, but I still pop up every now and then. My favorite game ever is Super Mario Bros. 3. I suck at Street Fighter, but still like to play. I've got at least 5 or 6 incomplete remixes that will probably never be released, I'm a Star Wars nerd, and I love sweet potato pie. I voiced Fighter on the 8-Bit Theater: Animated cartoons, but never finished reading the strip. Disco Dan came to my wedding because he's awesome.

    -apples are yummy
    -God bless you and your family in love
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    Smile peddler
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  1. NiceWorkCoin has me HYPED! Any plans to accept SakaguchiGil, FreshGreen(s)backs, or AybabtuZigs?
  2. About 15 years ago a few of us from the old ocremix chatroom (and others) collabed to animate Brian Clevinger's "8-Bit Theater" webcomic. Voice actors/directors Mack Devin & Edwyn "Omahdon" Tiong (aka the second Black Mage actor) recruited some of us recently to voice VG Cats' tribute to 8BT. For a site dedicated to nostalgia, I figured it wouldn't hurt to get nostalgic. The strip is here: http://www.vgcats.com/comics/?strip_id=65 The voiced-over video is here: It was a blast getting the band back together. Let us know what you think and be sure to check Mac & Omahdon's pages linked in video's description!
  3. I can has Street Fighter since 1994??
  4. So umm... (necessary) BUMP! Been having a ball (no pun intended) so far. One guy in the Indiana Pokémon Go Trainers FB group caught a 573 CP Vaporeon in the wild! https://www.facebook.com/groups/PokemonGOIndiana/permalink/1012611315504636/ I've got lots of Eevees and bird/bug Pokémon in my area. I'm hoping that silhouetted Snorlax comes back when I'm NOT driving. Which teams are you all on? #teammystic #teamblue
  5. Great. As if I didn't have enough people giving my team the stink eye as it is. *sigh* Nail these creeps (no pun intended).
  6. Game Over. Daggone. Fifty-five is young. Yet he probably poured more into those fifty-five than must of us would with twice that. Good show, Mr. Iwata.
  7. Sell. Give 1/4 to charity, pay your debts/loans, and stash the rest in your "new home/new car/engagement ring" fund.
  8. Hey! Species8472!

    I watch Star Trek now; I understand the reference! Come back!!

  9. I looped Shnabubula's "Temple" from NES JAMS into a BRSTM (use for Temple), as well as zircon/sixto's "Subterranean Kamikaze", injury's "Circuit Breaker", and zircon's "Monstrous Turtles" (use for Luigi's Mansion). I gots severals mores.
  10. I've been waiting for this album for you to make this album for 13 years.
  11. This is why I love nerds: Droidsound has been unofficially spunoff by a fan of the app and it now plays much more varied game files, including usf, dsf, 2sf, and brstm... which means if you want the SSBM/SSBB soundtrack on your Android or if you've looped Sixto & zircon's Subterranean Kamikaze into a brstm like I have, you can listen to it fo'evah. https://github.com/droidmjt/droidsound Go to the "prebuilt" folder and download "droidsound-debug.apk" P.S. Shnabubula's Zelda 2 "Temple" from NES JAMS makes an awesome brstm also. I ain't tellin' you what I heard, I'm tellin' you what I know!
  12. http://www.cnn.com/2014/04/30/showbiz/obit-bob-hoskins/index.html?hpt=hp_inthenews Game over : (
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