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KH2 disc not working


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Well, I don't know if it's the PS2, or the disc but every time I try to go to Hollow Bastion, the game stays in the black screen between the over world and the level, playing the over world music. The PS2 then begins to make reading sounds, and continues to try this for as long as I leave it go (I left it for about ten minutes, no cigar). The CD itself isn't scratched more than any other used disc might be. A few very minor scratches, but nothing close to a game destroying scratch. I sprayed out the PS2, wiped the disc briefly (no water or anything), and tried blowing on it too. Curiously, I'm able to go anywhere else on my other file (full access to everywhere), but even on that one, once I try Hollow Bastion, same result.

So, anyone got an opinion on the problem, how it might be fixed, or should I just go get a new disc? (it would be my third, never lend out to brothers of girlfriends...)

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