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  1. (2:46:49 AM) Chieficide: You have achieved more kills as a scout than your previous best (2:46:51 AM) Chieficide: 10 (2:47:03 AM) sp.ianw@gmail.com: NIC (2:47:07 AM) Chieficide: 4 dominations (2:47:20 AM) Chieficide: christ that was ridiculous (2:47:22 AM) sp.ianw@gmail.com: i think that might be more dom than i have tbh (2:47:40 AM) Chieficide: i was playing on the ocr server with the FAN (2:47:52 AM) sp.ianw@gmail.com: ocr server heh i think i died maybe three times in that round i swear i killed xerol and grebe like 20 times
  2. oh cool i was going to ask this Love the remix.
  3. this not to mention the slow ass frontside bus that the p4s used a 1080p video puts about a 30% load split between the two cores on my Athlon X2 6000+ with no vid card acceleration, and id put that as too much for a p4 to handle it just goes to show how awful the p4 was
  4. if everyone here hates micspam so much why dont you just you know not go to the server find a different one is it that hard
  5. Actually yeah I did, and I don't give a fuck. And neither does he apparently.
  6. Don't like the rules? Don't join. Wed be better off without you if you do this shit.
  7. either that or AGP, i cant remember if they did AGP 5200s or not the 5200 should work under vista, but don't expect any hardware acceleration for aero glass or whatever
  8. I always figured they just wouldn't go into SLI mode. Good to know though.
  9. SLI = 2 of THE SAME nvidia cards working together Crossfire = two of THE SAME ATI cards working together You cant do either of them if you don't use two of the same cards, the software/hardware itself won't allow it. Note, this is leaving out hybrid SLI and CrossfireX. I have yet to figure out what mephisto is referring to when he says "burning out your plugs".
  10. uuh you can run two different cards on the same motherboard without any power issues, as long as your power supply is powerful enough what happens 100% of the time is driver conflicts in the OS anyway, i dont think he is talking about running them both at the same time, just one or the other won't work under vista he needs to specify what they are and which one is causing the problem
  11. totally awesome ambiance out the ass
  12. You could try disabling live scanning and see if that helps. If not, just close it alltogether and see what that does.
  13. Avira and hl2.exe combined are using too much memory If i remember correctly you had...a gig? I think? Those two programs + all the rest of your stuff running in the background eats it up.
  14. I wasn't really aiming at you, I was aiming at mephisto since he should know better considering what he does. Make sure you run a stress test in OSX as well as Windows, just to rule out the possibility of driver or program conflicts screwing up the test.
  15. lol Any sound that is made by the voltage regulators would be so silent that it wouldn't matter. MOFSETs can sound sometimes, but they make a audible squeal as the ferrite core vibrates in the copper wiring extremely fast. If the hard drive was failing and making that much noise because of it you would get a lot more notification than just windows freezing occasionally. Such as nothing working at all. Sounds more like overheating, power supply issues, or (more likely) driver conflicts. What makes me doubt that its hardware is that if it was OSX would be messing up as well. arent you clever but seriously, calling activity "thinking"? I haven't done that since i was eight.
  16. hard drive noise hahahahaahahaha wut processors do not make sound you cant tell me you build computers and still think this EDIT: You people sound like my grandma.
  17. that fits nicely actually good to see that your not afraid to take some risks
  18. They usually put a SD signal in and then split it between 500 different TVs. Sorta defeats the point of a HD set.
  19. Effef

    Left 4 Dead

    yeah it only takes few seconds i am really happy they decided to speed this up
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