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  1. I still wear my shirt out and about in California, but despite there being a couple of people that live or used to live around where I'm at, the only person I've ever run into was Upthorn, who was at a mutual friend's house one time.
  2. Darklink42

    Happy OCR Father's Day

    I know we've got at least a few dads around here, so report in and be celebrated. It's worth it, because as challenging as it can be, it's still the best feeling in the world when your kid looks you in the eye and says "I love you dad." Or just to see your kid try to shove an entire cookie in their mouth in one go, that's a good one too. Happy Father's Day OCR.
  3. Darklink42

    Super Smash Bros. 4

    I'm actually really surprised they didn't put Chrom from the newest game in as an upgraded reskin. Still, it's good to see Ike return, I enjoyed playing him when my friends would let me. The guy is a real bruiser.
  4. First this happens when I submit my six year WIP of Traverse Town: Then, when I go back and do some autotuning, I get this in my feedback: This is a major hardware flaw, and frankly I'm surprised no one caught this before release. If my robot reviewer can't even muster the energy to have good dance moves, then I for one, refuse to accept it. Count one of your long time supporters out OCR. There are way better places on the internet that can and will support my amazing talent, and that have people running it who know how to move their head to the rhythm the way this site never will again.
  5. Darklink42

    Map of the OCR Community

    Is anyone going to save poor alfzer0 from off the coast of Southern California? Unless he lives on an oil platform or is a mermaid, I'm assuming he's supposed to be in the vicinity of Santa Barbara. Also, I had no idea Zyko lived up north (and so close). I always assumed he was down in the LA area.
  6. Darklink42

    Map of the OCR Community

    We'll have to rename Northern California at this rate.
  7. I added ya. I also added Damned, Amphibious, Stevo (who had already added me ), Vilecat, Soul Splint, and Kitty. Apparently I've been waiting for The Damned to add me since I last entered numbers in here. Which was something like a year ago. Why can't we be friends The Damned? Edit: my code is 4210-5286-5376
  8. I added a bunch of people too, since I got X for my secret santa gift this year. Need more safari time.
  9. Darklink42

    OCR Secret Santa 2013

    Pics or didn't happen. Glad you liked it and that it didn't get lost somewhere in the crazy winter weather.
  10. Darklink42

    OCR Secret Santa 2013

    Gift is now in the mail. Not sure how long it's going to take to get there, but it's apparently traveling first class, so maybe Monday or Tuesday.
  11. Darklink42

    OCR Secret Santa 2013

    Got the second part of my gift yesterday: it was Pokemon X! Friggin' awesome! Thanks to UnstableHamster (I think) for the great presents. I'll be enjoying the hell out of this game once my finals are all finished. In regards to sending, I'm happy to say that I found time to get my present made for my recipient. Should be able to mail it out by this weekend.
  12. Darklink42

    OCR Secret Santa 2013

    Got my Link, who promptly found the triforce all on his own.
  13. Darklink42

    OCR Secret Santa 2013

    My recipient will have to wait until a little closer to Christmas to receive their gift(s). Downsides of being a college student and all that. It (they) will be worth the wait though.
  14. Darklink42

    OCR Secret Santa 2013

    I'm cool with whatever people want to send my way. I've got a 360, a 3DS, and a steam profile (Which is here). But homemade gifts are also appreciated and very much welcomed too. I'm a huge Zelda fan, obviously. I also dig Kingdom Hearts, Alan Wake, Fire Emblem, and Fallout. If none of those work for you, I've got a two year old daughter, if you want to send something adorable and videogame related for her (She doesn't really have a preference yet, so anything cute works.)