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Sonic CD - Sonic Boom End Remix WIP


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Hmm... Man has it been awhile since I have posted anything on here.

I need all the critique I can get on this. This is quite out of my zone, trying to program distorted guitar. I'm getting slightly better, but I still definetely do not like it, and FL is definetely not the best option for Guitar writing. (If you are wondering how I'm handling the playability factor, I'm going to optimize it and change it up in Guitar Pro once I'm done so my friend can actually err, play it >.>.)


Right now I'm hammering out the relevancy issue. It dawned upon me yesterday that the song didn't even sound remotely like the original, so I've been reincorporating some of the real song back in trying hard not to make it sound too midirippish. I suppose it won't matter once we record the guitar tracks though. (if my friend ever gets that friggin hub >.>)

Also, once I can be arsed to write decent lyrics, which I fail at (I'm not going to use the cheesy lyrics from the song, however, I'm currently debating how much of the original vocal melody I should keep, because I hate that too, but I've derived so much as it is that I dunno if keeping it is a good idea), I'm going to be recording vocals.

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You're already aware of how weird some parts stuff sounds when sequenced and done through FL, so I won't point that out to you. While it doesn't necessarily sound real, it doesn't make it sound _bad_. Consider making it more of a synth piece than an attempt to emulate real electric guitar.

Either you've picked one of the ultimate source tracks, or you've done some great things with it. While the rhythm/tempo changes felt awkward the first notes, they come off as surprising enough and quickly made the whole track even more enjoyable.

There's some mixing issues, like the pad being too loud, some effects being too intense, and the clear and clean sequencing that make it difficult to clearly say what gives it the feel of being cluttered. I'd have a look at effects and EQ it so the instruments aren't fighting over the same frequencies.

As it doesn't contain any typical flaws I recognized during my two listens, it's a hard track to give feedback on, I suggest you enter the #ocrwip channel and pester people there to have a listen.

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What's wrong with the crashes and some other cymbal sounds? It sounds like you've added some weird reverb on it.

Guitar needs reverb, tho. Especially when it's staccato solo, that sounds really dry and bad.

Bass+guitar+drums, good recipe, empty execution. The drums are too complex for a fairly simple guitar melody, and everything seems to happen in two very distant ends of the frequency spectrum. I recommend adding something in the frequencies in between, another guitar maybe?

The more intense area leading up to the ending is really cool. Guitars towards the end, just before the piano - they're weird. Not bad weird, they're interesting weird.

There's some thoughts. I'm looking forward to seeing this on OCR, but there's still kinks to work out before then.

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I take it I get no points for my groovy basslines then?

EDIT: Actually, if I know the parts you are talking about now there aren't any groovy basslines to speak of >.>;;.

It ends sort of abruptly, because I decided how I wanted to end it, and then pasted it in and made some crappy transition that doesn't really fit.

Also, please oh please remember that the guitar track is a placeholder for live guitar. As far as the acoustic goes... Hmm... When you say poor execution, are you refering to any point in the song more than the other? Judging from another listen, it seems like mainly the new segments suffer from this problem.

Do you have any references that have a good guide on EQing? I don't think I've ever got this far into a remix I had serious intentions for to really get good EQing down.

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I like the bass. Maybe it's just the kind of remix where the good parts just blend into the whole and the bad ones stand out. :P Seeing how loud and cool the bass is, I'm surprised it didn't stand out last listen. I guess I was listening to flaws, not music.

Anyway, there's a thread about EQ in the ReMixing forum, see what you can learn there. My advice would be to avoid having two instruments in the same frequency range so they're competing, but since you're not trying to balance a dozen instruments, it shouldn't be a problem.

A recorded guitar means it'll kick ass. if your friend is any good, I mean. :D

I said empty execution. It sounds separated. A live guitar might cure that, but I recommend adding a riff or rhythm or something to play under the lead. Not too loud or dominant, but enough to even out the range and throw some more coolness into it. Don't get me wrong, occasional emptier sections are one way to vary the track, but most of the time, it's best to avoid separating sounds like that.

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