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    I enjoy games from all systems and the music they contain. I find myself playing games just for the music. A lot of my friends consider that weird but the people on OCR understand that better than most. I stumbled upon this site years ago but have recently become more involved after a rocky debut. For those of you who know what I'm talking about, I'm sorry and I wish to make amends any way that I can. For those of you who don't, I'm glad. I don't wish for that to hinder possible friendships and collaborations on OCR. I'm new to forum life and am making many mistakes but I'm slowly learning.

    Thanks to everyone who has been patient with me, I'll never forget it.
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    Kyle B.
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  1. Wow, this track was unexpected. Maybe I just don't really listen to the right OC tracks, but finding a Castlevania track with full on lyrics was a rare treat for me. Don't listen to anything this heavy these days but I thoroughly enjoyed this track.
  2. Haven't been around for awhile. I decide to check OC out tonight and I'm given this wonderful tune. This track was one of the best Metroid mixes I've heard in a long time. That trance breakdown about halfway through was just sic. Great Job.
  3. This is great but its more Dub than DnB. The drums you have in the background are the right type of drums but that's got to be more the focus than everything else you have. Listen to High Contrast or Logistics and you'll see what I mean about the drums. On a side note, this could be played in a club, it just finding the right club. All genres have their crowds but I wouldn't try to play this in a big club. They want the stupid club dance shit that everyone who doesn't listen to Electronica thinks is cool.
  4. What a great mix. There are a lot of Super Metroid mixes on the site but this one stands out for me.
  5. For a VG song to remix: I always thought some of the original Streets of Rage songs would make good hardstyle songs. Then again, if you remixed some vg songs that usually get mello remixes, that would be cool. Think Zelda, Final Fantasy, etc... For artists to listen too to get ideas, my favorites are: Donkey Rollers Showtek Southstylers The Prophet DJ Duro DJ Zany Lookin forward to updates.
  6. Damn! If that's your first try, I think your set. Definitely looking forward to a hardstyle VGmix becasue I think we only have like....... none on the site.
  7. Damn, I haven't listened to Hardstyle in a LOOOONG time and you just got me hooked again. Where's my Colour of Hardstyle CD and Showtek vinyl? Awesome so far but I noticed a few things. The bass noise that you use between :51 and 1:02 sounds really flat and doesn't really hit you like Hardstyle bass should. Try to up the decibels or maybe use a different sample. The track was pretty short and ended really suddenly but you said it was a snippet so I HOPE that means you're gonna continue to work on it. I think I'll keep an eye on this one.
  8. SPOILER!? Beat this game yesterday. I think it was really cool but needed a lot of work. It was too short, then the end was anti-climactic, and there isn't much replay value, contrary to my original thoughts. Although very fun, worth renting if anything.
  9. I'll agree on Zero Mission being scary but I thought it was WAY to linear. Maybe I just have some sentimental value for the original Metroid on the NES, but I love just wandering. I remember I used to bust my nuts when I found new areas. One thing is for sure though. 3D Metroid titles will NEVER replace the 2D ones for me. And for most games. I can't stand 3D Mortal Kombat.
  10. I like this one. I still wish it was a little crisper but this is a whole lot better than nothing. I may still try to make an album cover but this will do for now. Maybe we can just get the people that have the original PSD to make a cover?
  11. Alright, I have some ideas for album art but without the original controller/headphone PSD, I don't think its gonna turn out good. I tried remaking the controller myself, but I couldn't get it anywhere near the same. Take a peek and let me know if any of my fellow Photoshoppers have any ideas. I made everything (except the text) from scratch so its not gonna look exactly right. Don't harp on me about it. Without the original layer styles, I dont think im gonna be able to get the text or the controller to look exactly right. Heres what I've got so far.
  12. Yea, that's what I've been doing for the album art too. I think I'm just gonna make my own album art based on and as close too the sites logo. Well see what happens and ill post it on this thread if anyone wants it.
  13. Well than if I can't have it, has anyone made a general album cover for all the remixes on the site yet? Because that's what I was planning on doing with it.
  14. I was wondering if it was at all possible to get either a Photosop PSD or a larger version of the OCR logo and text you can see in the upper left corner of the site. Is this possible or is it against the rules? Cheers and Thanks in Advance.
  15. I remember this time my dad walked in while I was listening to this song and he started yelling at me saying I was a Nazi or some shit. I just told him to shut up and listen.
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