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Mega Man 7 Wily Stage 1 Rearrangement


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I did a sparse cover of this several months ago. I just hit the bricks again and tried to layer the sound better. It still sounds sparse to me and I am having a writer's block on more ideas. I'm planning on putting in two more solos, one focused on a duet with pizzicato and sax and another focused on violin and the sax, and of course a better finale.

Please let me know what you think!


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Downloaded fine for me.

I think your main problem, as far as sounds go, is that your notes are too chaotic. There's no real cohesiveness between one measure to the next. However, within the measures themselves, everything's a little too perfectly on beat. A real orchestra wouldn't sound like this - at the very least things would be ever so slightly out of tune and off beat.

All I can really say is that you need to capture more of the "spirit" of the song. It sounds like you're trying to transcribe it a bit too literally.

Good luck, and keep going!

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