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Final Fantasy 4. "the red wings"


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Woot my first post.

As well as a request!

I dont know if anyone out there would like to do. or knows someone who has done That oh so wonderful opening track for my favorite Final Fantasy...

Final Fantasy 4 - "The Red Wings"

It has also been labeled as Cecil's theme in some places. But all i can find is the Midi File and i would like to have a remixed copy,

I dont have any preferences on Type of remix, I.E Jazz or rock or techno... i just would love to see a remix in general.

Thanks soo much to everyone who remixes and takes the time to make everyone else around me listen to those kick ass remixes at every stop light when i take the top off and crank the volume. *sighs* is it summer yet?

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I had to listen to the song again and be reminded of Cecil's badassness!!! (Is that even a word?)

I could play a softer, lighter verison of Red Wings on the violin. However, I have no mixer and the only way I could do it with my mother's friend's camera and post the video on YouTube.

Maybe one day, I'll get things together and do a violin solo arrangement of the song for OC Remix!

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