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  1. I'm the compete opposite of this. I'm the douchebag who usually deletes your save file because you're a freeloading S.O.B.
  2. Almost cry playing Final Fantasy VI when Celes tried to take her life but failed badly. Other than that, I think that's the only time I ever cried while playing a video game.
  3. Peach VST is pretty decent. It has some goo VST sounding shit. http://www.tweakbench.com/peach
  4. Reminds me of an old Disney comic I seen a while back where Donald Duck and Goofy are fishing off of a pier. While Goofy is minding his business, Donald is seen with an anchor and wrapping the rope on the anchor on Goofy's leg. Donald drops the anchor off of the pier and Goofy is drag into the deep ocean. Goofy has an evil smile on his face.
  5. It's working on FL Studio as well but it just won't make any sound at all. As a standalone, it works very well for some odd reason. Anyways, how do I get around to gettin' my MIDI files working so I can do some remastering?
  6. I don't keep them because I usually fail at either remembering then or actually doing them.
  7. Here's to a better decade. Happy 2010 everyone!
  8. I once choke my friend with a XBOX controller cord. Lookin at about 25 to life everyone! But hey! On the bright side, this does help bring Blackstreet back in the media!
  9. This question may has been asked before but I'm lazy to look but...where in the hell is the damn library files? Can't get this sucka to work in either my FL Studio 9 VST or as a stand alone program.
  10. Free is free, I don't care if I ger 12 instruments or 1200 of 'em. Thanks for the heads up, man!
  11. Ha. Thanks for clearing that up for me! Now I don't have to steal my friend AUX cable I mean, I know what cable I need now! And to think, I just needed an mono connection cable and a regular guitar cable. Now for the truly juicy part, effect pedals! I am looking for some really kick-your-fuckin'-ass effect pedals. What are some good effect pedals that will get the listeners scared, hyped, and pumped up and that good shit. And this is going to be a retarded question from a retard - Could guitar effect pedals work on an electric violin?
  12. Around three weeks ago, a friend of mines gave me his electric violin due to the fact it was sitting in his closet for about 3+ years unused and he thought it'll be better if I would to keep it. Anyways, not going to tell a story about how I got it because I wanna get to the point. I have a Yamaha "Silent" Electric Violin with an AUX cable outlet. AUX cables are more common for MP3 devices to plug up into your car store system (I assume the AUX input on my violin is similar to those for car stereos) and they are usually thin, short and long. I am personally looking for an AUX cable that is thick, long, durable, portable, and sturdy.
  13. Seen it and it looks like a group of mentally retarded people got bored and wanted to make a cartoon based off of their retardation. FLCL is okay but it was too random for me.
  14. Besides Fist of the North Star, give me another great anime to watch next. I'm an action and comedy guy.
  15. You'll take my life but I'll take yours too...
  16. I only came to OCR for the remixes sometime around mid 2004 and I decided to join outta pure boredom at school around 2008.
  17. Oh yeah. Man, it has only been about three or four days and already his infamous act has become something of internet pop culture
  18. Fictional pieces of media just HAS to have realism. Look it what that is doing to video games.
  19. Okay, so as we can see here, she's gonna have a closed casket funeral.
  20. I wonder, seeing Haruhi (unknowing) wraps reality to an extreme, I wonder what would to happen to the world if she die a violent death by something who wanted to cause chaos or some shit.
  21. Okay, that's good to know, I guess. My theory was gonna be seeing the main character is god-like, I assume it was about Haruhi.
  22. Q is for Q-Bert. (Which obviously somebody has already done I assume).
  23. Gotta question: Why is that oh-so-popular song "God Knows"...is titled that? Something my friend asked me which I had to bullshit through.
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