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Final Fantasy IV- Tower of Bab-il S0NGZ


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  • 2 weeks later...

I definitely love where this is going. FF4 is a very important game to me. When this track got to 01:45 it hit the recognition sector and I got goosebumbs.

You're of course going to upgrade the sounds/production, right? :) Some of the sounds actually already sound great to me: strings sound pretty good already, the guitar/koto that does fast one-note picking/rumbling is great!!!!, and there's also a horn in there that tickles my feelgood-nerve coz' it's kinda lofi and nice. Are there human voices around 01:15-01:45?

Percussion, the harp and the bass definitely need upgrading.

I really really really want you to finish this. I'm even going to keep just this wip.


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