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  1. Yes, you are completely right. 1996 was the Japanese release and that's what I saw in the title screen. 1998 was the European release.
  2. I'm going to check out the trailer right now. May you receive my most profound, utmost admiration and gratefulness. Wild Arms has been one of my never-ending soundtracks, in the sense that I never get fed up of listening to it. I specially like the first three tracks. Can't wait for the results! PD: By the way, I thought Wild Arms was, instead of 1997, released in 1996; that's what appeared at least in the title screen if I recall.
  3. Thank you, man. Don't feel overwhelmed with the lenght: I hope you'll eventually find it enthralling. In my case, it's just the opposite: It's not bad to go away from the Academia. As I said, any language corrections will be appreciated.
  4. Hello again people maybe 8 months of delay aren't excuse, but anyway, I could finally finish an academic paper about the Integration of music into video games. I did speak about some of the proposed games, while others belonged to my fond memories. The original work is in Spanish, but I translated it into English so you can read it. Any proof-reading would be highly valued, don't hesitate therefore to comment about any mistakes or things that could be improved. Here you can have it. Thank you all for your posts, I hope that you enjoy this reading so we can altogether keep up video game music! Regards.
  5. Well, I live in Barcelona, I'm not American, ha ha, so it is impossible for me to assist there. Anyway, this seems to be highly interesting. If you have the opporunity to tell me the main stuff about this conference it would be great, but just do it for yourself, not only for me. Yes, you are right; I was using blurryly the term "video game", and it is true that those examples and Music are closer to programs rather than to games. I was aleady aware, but thank you for pointing it out. And obviously, thank you very much indeed for all your information and references. I see that you are an expert in this field, and even a researcher! I appreciate your cooperation, man. Kitty: Thank you for mentioning Parappa, which is another music-centered game I forgot. Modus: Actually I am not centering so much about these games. These kind of games are just one part of my "desired" paper. What I had in mind is, in fact, the types of integration of music one can find: background music (almost all video games use it), thematic music (you know, those games such as Wipeout which use specific music and the player can control it or add new songs) or genetic/motor integration, the case of the games we were commenting on. I wasn't wrong, I definitely see that in this forum I can find really interesting posts. Thanks for your contributions! PD: By the way, since I am not a native speaker, feel free to correct me if my English has some flaws.
  6. Hi folks, I'm studying a Masters degree about Digital Literature amd we are focusing right now on video games and its academic studies. The thing is that I'm going to prepare a paper about the role of music in video games, focusing on how music is integrated into video games. I think that in this community I shall find quite interesting information among OC members. I just wanted to ask you what video games do you think that deserve attention when dealing with this topic. I can think of: -Rez (PS2, Xbox 360) -Vib Ribbon (PSX) -Elektroplankton (DS) -Korg (DS) -Music (PSX) and sequels Do you know other remarkable video games which have music as the main driving force? And secondly, do you have any material, author, book, interview; in fact, any material that would be useful for me? I would appreciate any help. It is possible that I pass around further surveys. Thank you in advance. I hope that you cooperate. Regards.
  7. Man, you have just simplified my life! Thank you
  8. 300$ per month, that's a lot of money, but I understand that, since a laaarge number of songs are hosted in servers where downloads are really swift, so I'd rather say that all people who has listened to any OCRemix should be extrmely grateful for the quality (both technical and artistic) of the songs and the fact they are free. This donation-method reminds me of churches where assitants collaborate every Sunday It is nice to see that people round here can self-sustain their community. I have to say, as kind of "ambassador", that your OC remixes are very well known (and appreciated) among Spanish hardcore-gamers. What a mess, by the way, to see the latest response on the top, whilst in Spanish forums is the other way around. I'm not used to American forums, shit. PD: Oh, that Wild Arms banner has made become aware of this new project you people are working with! Things like this make me feel so happy with OC!
  9. Hi, I just wanted to say that I have donated right now 7 dollars to OCRemix. You are lucky that I'm from Spain, since my 5,40 euros are actually 7 dollars! I was just curious about the sum you have reached so far, and I also wanted to state that OCRemix is perhaps the best source of video games I have ever found. You are always creating masterpieces, arranged albums, etc. Keep up the good work! I seldom post around here, so forgive me if I mistook some subforums.
  10. Hi there, Are there any Spanish documents still waiting for revision? I would surely revise any Spanish document. It would be a pleasure to help OCREmix community.
  11. Well, I enjoy several songs of Maiden's, such as Fear of the Dark, The Evil that men do, the trooper, aces high, and so on. But lately I have lost my affection to metal and I'm surveying new fields into electronic music. In other words, I've become aware that there are many other genres that satisfy me more than metal. Be that as it may, these songs will be eternally in my PC and mobile phone for the moments in which I would like to recall old times. In fact, I did two Final Fantasy AMVs using Fear of the Dark, and The Evil that men do. Here they are. By the way, I dare say that the golden age of Iron Maiden passed away. Don't you think that between 1985-1995 there was huge expasion of many different metal subgenres? I regard these years as the age of expansion. With nothing more to say, the evil that men do, goes on and on!!
  12. OMG! Bigfoot, I love that photo of the dragonfly, it is impressive. Besides, I think that you might an extremely sophisticated camera, since this image quality is highly high
  13. Hi again, Yep, now that you mention it's true. It's just that I didn't remeber the track called "Hurry". Besides, the remix resembles slightly to the song "Hurry" from Before Crisis. Greetings.
  14. Hi there, people: I just wanted to post my opinions about this album, the existence of which I have just discovered!!!, How could that be? Perhaps it was because I forgot to put ocremix.org in my favourites. Well, up until now I have listened the two first parts, Crisis and Dirge and I have to say that they are astounding! What a marvel! The result is very professional. I showed the first song, Deliverance of the Heart, to my girlfriend and she asked me who was the artist, and I said that this was a remix created by "fans". I have a question, is this album spanning the entire compilation of FFVII? I ask this because I reckon that some songs from the first part belong to Before Crisis, the song titled "hurry", for instance. Well, maybe I'm wrong, correct me if so. Finally I came across with the ultimate album I wished! Sorry for the long post, and keep up the good work, you remixers! Greetings from Spain!
  15. Hello, I'm Godah, I like a lot the remixes I found about games. today I I have decided to register here. I discovered this webpage some years ago, maybe 3, and I think it is one of the most important sources of music I have, really I love a large number of remixes I have seen here. My greetings to everyone. Also, two purposes encouraged me: 1.Training my english, I'm a spanish student of English Phylology and I hope that this forum will entertain and improve my english as well ^^ 2.It's obvious! Enjoying the remixes that great remixers do. I have been discovering without pause remixes and remixes which have won a little space in my heart And to meet "in person" the remixers ..wow that is amazing haha P And please understand that it will be normal if I don't speak perfect english, I have a lot to improve!! haha
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