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KSS Taking over the Halberd\Halfmoon Orchestral WIP


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Hello. This is just a WIP that I've been doing based on the Halfmoon theme from Kirby Super Star, in Revenge of Meta Knight\Milky Way Wishes. It was done with free soundfonts in FL6. Some instruments (the trumpets in the 5 note introduction, the choir, the string lead at 1:03) sound "fake" - this could be due to me using low quality soundfonts, or not enough effects.

Any suggestions\criticism would be greatly appreciated!


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Using orchestra hits isn't really helping the realism. I think the biggest improvement you could do isn't the samples themselves, but how you're using them. Working with pitch bend, modulation, and velocity, you can create a whole lot of interesting effects. Using multiple tracks of the same instrument with different ADSR and filter settings is yet another way of varying the sound of the same old samples.

It needs some better EQing too, it's really dense to listen to. More high frequencies. The breaks at about 1:05 and 1:20 sound beautiful, the rest are drowning in lows.

I should look up the source, but I'm lazy. I did recognize the Kirby music used in Smash Bros. Arrangement is cool, and you've done a great job making it sound powerful. I like.

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