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*NO* Chrono Cross 'Sailing Chrono Style'


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My name is Curt Castro. I've been a OC fan for a few years now, and

I've finally decided to try and contribute to all the great work up there.

I've remixed my roomate's and my favorite Chrono Cross song: the map theme

of Another World. It's entitled "Sailing Chrono Style." You can access the

mp3 at

It's on the main page there. The site is bare except for the mp3. My remix

name is Count Curt should you find the song to your liking. Don't worry

about posting up my email or web page. Thanks for all your hard work and

consideration. We appreciate all you do! Let me know what you think. Take

care and God bless!


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Does anyone remember when we got that REALLY LOUD guitar mix? Well this one is really really quiet.

Ok lets turn this up. Waaaaaaaay up...

Ok, nice sounds, high hat panned to the far left. Sounds like it played in live, it's got that live timing like it wasn't quantised too much. The pads are soothing, and.....

Oh. The song got cut off at 1.36. Oh I see. That's because this is downloaded from Geocities. Full review pending.

EDIT: Turn your speakers BACK DOWN 8O

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