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Breaks/Sound effects- Royalty Free effects

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Does broke as hell have a listing?

In all seriousness...I don't have much because (and for other reasons) I'm trying to do the project with what I have. Soundfonts I've seen sold for like 15-30 bucks, which is doable. But soundfonts wouldn't have that "Yoooooooo!" sound (from the Noh theatre or whatever).

The thing is, I want to find it royalty free regardless so I can sell it b/c I do plan on selling what I make, but I can't find that sound. They use it in hundreds of animes, traditional movies, video game soundtracks...I know its got to be SOMEWHERE even for purchase....

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Heh, well you could've about 2 weeks ago; my comp crashed and i lost everything. I went to look for it and can't find anything. The closest thing i was able to find was at a website: http://www.webplaces.com/html/sounds.htm

it brings you to a japanese site where i can't find anything to do with audio files... So if you can find anything there please let me know. :)

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Yeah man, I tried there, but I found NO audio files. Thanks anyway. Funny you should loose EVERYTHING 2 weeks before we talk. I hope you can recover as much as possible.

This is going to prove difficult and annoying...

DOES ANYONE ELSE have any insight? People...I know its got to be somewhere. The anime's and games use it ALL THE TIME.

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