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Okami - Thank Goodness for Kokari ReMix

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2009 (sigh), I'll never forget it...

It was the year when those grisly lack of progress started occuring.

The wips update were disapearing, hitting the peaceful little workshop section with a devastating blow, crippling on its very fundations.

Soon after the news was off to the world, Robotaki Inc was responsible.

Not taking any chances, the OCR government issued an undefinite suspension of business to my musical carreer, until his remix was completed.

Soon, my wips stopped arriving at their destination, and my e-friend stock crashed.

Right now, I have no less than 10 project directors holding me at mouse point.

The look on their face is rated M for mature.

For all intend and purposes, I'm finished.

Unless of course you decide to reconsider completing this awesome song.

It might be a slightly better alternative to having my corpse desecrated and exposed on the new year eve at MagFest as an exemple to all.

I trust that you will make the right choice... not that there is one to begin with.

Thank you in advance for Kokari.

Workshop City Garbageman Mork.

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Oh man, I love Okami! Great job man! It sounded a little too trebly in the beginning and sometimes a bit overcompressed. But all in all, I recognize it and you totally caught the style of Okami's dynamicness.

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