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My attempts in Drill'n'Bass (I think)


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Hi there.

I've been trying out stuff in the more aggressive IDM realm lately, and I'd like to hear some criticism. I quite like the composition of these, although they're disfunctional, a little cheesy and probably annoying to some :P

But criticism of any kind is welcome. Production tips would be most helpful.




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the main kick is a little "flabby".. tighten it up some.. needs to hit harder

the synths are pretty cheesy. i'm not a big fan of the 8 bit sounds in this kind of music, but if you are going to go that route, you need to add a bit more edge to these sounds.

pads are decent, but could be a little darker.

is that a xylophone in there? what the hell? get rid of that. doesn't fit. takes the song to another place where it doesn't need to be..

the end goes on too long.

the energy is good, decent amount of movement and variation. this could be good with some work.

shitfuck(needs a new title)

pretty much the exact thing i said about the previous song.

the main "bass/synth lead" is a little more dynamic here. like the switch to 4/4 mid way through...

good start though... curious to see what daw you're using for this.

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thanks statas.

i'll try to do something about the kick.

probably not gonna change the synths in these tracks, but i realize that my synth programming is still rather plain often and i'm getting bored with it, so i'll work on that.

hm, i kinda like the xylophone...i'm a sucker for idiotic changeups though ;)

it's the stuff after that i'm not really happy with. compared to the freakout at 2:07+ which i'm really fond of, the last minute doesn't really add much, now that i'm relistening.

i think i actually wanted to take the tune to a totally stupid place with the xylophone and all and then lead back into the action, but it didn't really work out.

Anyway, thanks again for the feedback.

I use FL btw. Mainly WASP and samples/soundfonts in this case.

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Sorry statas but I disagree on a number of points - I think the 8bit sound to pretzels is awesome, and I LOVE both the xylophone break and ending portion (partially because I'm a sucker for strange, atmospheric and reverby sounds) - but I won't disagree about adding some automation to a few synths. I can tell you put a ton of effort into this and it shows through. Your changeups are pretty awesome and I love the spastic mood.

Shitfuck I wasn't quite as big on mostly just because of the grating sound to the main synth - which is still pretty cool, it just seems (with the drums) to be a bit stumbling at times during the melodies. I'm totally into the power tool noises, so nice touches there, and again I love the big, soft ending to land on.

I actually enjoyed both of these a good amount (though pretzels more) so nice work! It's hard to walk the fine line between random energy and ridiculousness, but you do it pretty well!

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nice to hear that you dig the sounds and transitions, Antipode. I find the bassline of shitfuck (it's not really a title, btw, i was just too lazy to upload it again for public showing :)) a bit grating too, but i remember being really into it when i did it. My like for cliched sounds definitely shines through in this one, it sounds pretty rave-y, doesn't it? But I wanna work on contrasting that with more original sound design.

Anyway, I think I've taken your comments the right way, statas. I've gotten better at accepting criticism over the years, used to be horrible at it ;)

I just agree that this could be a lot better.

oh, little bonus track...warning, ultra-cheesy intro.


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